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    Miconazole Nitrate: Logs ? ( Seven Words Okay )

    Do you mind sharing how you did it ? aka, where to buy and what to mix with ?
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    Fevi Clinical Trials Ending Soon. - - - - - -
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    Is It A Good Sign For Me ? [with Pics]

    Hi guys, about half of the hair that I shedded has the following: 1) Thicker at the root and thinner at the tip 2) Have bulb at the root Is it a good sign ? Is it de-miniaturizing hair ?
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    Assiopea Announces Results For First Half Of 2019
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    Assiopea Announces Results For First Half Of 2019

    this may be what we wanna see ? another failure ?
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    Is There Any Correlation Between Head Circumference And Degree Of Baldness???

    mind attaching some front and side views of different head structures thst u ve just mentioned ?
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    15 Years Old With Receding Hairline

    Yah, I am more interested by the claim " estrogen hair = C shape" and " testoterone hair = M shape " ?
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    15 Years Old With Receding Hairline

    Hey interesting, would u mind elaborating more ? Source ? What is C and M ?
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    The Ordinary Multi-peptide Serum For Hair Density

    Any place to buy this in Aus with the lowest cost ? Thks
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    How Long Does It Take Finasteride To Block Dht?

    Would you mind explaining why hair must go through many cycles before it gets better ? I would guess that once DHT on the scalp is reduced, hair would rise again after 1 cycle ?
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    P-3074 (polichem Topical Finasteride) Phase Iii Just Ended.

    Lizard old man, would you mind sharing ur oral finasteride experiences, like, how long did it stablize shedding, side effects, etc. many thaks ??