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    NOTE: "Am I Balding?" and Photo/Feedback threads: Please use the new "MY STORY" subforum.

    My Story:
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    Introduce Yourself, Post your Pics, and get Feedback here!

    Am I balding? What type of hair loss is this? Hi I'm Steve, and this is my situation. That's what this sub-forum has been created for. You can post and track your progress here and get feedback from others on how to proceed. Admin
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    New Forum Coming - Prep Yourselves!

    This is the visual presentation that we are stuck with. If there is a specific feature you would like implemented you can mention it and I can ask the developer how difficult it would be to add.
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    New Forum Coming - Prep Yourselves!

    Dislike is there if you hover over the "Like" button. Page numbers are already at the top and bottom for multi-page threads. Its possible you wrote it the second they froze the forums and then did the data migration so it was a last second change that was lost. What did you mean that it...
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    New Forum Coming - Prep Yourselves!

    That's the spirit! :D
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    New Forum Coming - Prep Yourselves!

    Just a heads up. Over the next week or so, we will be doing a major upgrade to this forum software. Unfortunately as gorgeous as this thing is (and I would never change a thing), over time, software becomes obsolete and then it can become a security risk to the website. So if you want...
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    Fue, 3324 Grafts - La Hair Clinic Pasadena Seven Great Experience

    Be happy you're allowed to just randomly show up and suddenly start advertising your hair transplant doctor all over the site when other doctors are paying hundreds a month to do the same. I really wouldn't be complaining about the title tag requirements. There are a lot of random people who...
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    Tissuse Interview, Ask Your Questions Here!

    Interview published:
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    Tissuse Interview Published - Smart Hair Transplants

    Thanks to Swoop for getting this interview together with the TissUse team:
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    What Happened To Anty Dht Thread ????????????

    Lol ... its hilarious what people come up with in situations where authority is involved. Has everyone been beaten down by corrupt authority their whole lives or is it just human nature to assume shady behavior? I will never understand that. No. He wasn't banned for sharing his experiences...
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    We Absolutely Have To Get Hellouser To Japan

    You guys should all invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Civic, and Agrello. Remember the day admin told you this.
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    Norwood 6 - 70 Percent Bald - Hair Transplant Photos

    Questions or comments feel free to post them! All comments in these sub-sections require approval but we'll get to them as quickly as possible.
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    Guys I Really Need Your Help... (pfs Or Is Everything On My Head?)

    Really @iamgotham - you needed to bold and italicize the name of the site? Regular users typically don't do that. That wouldn't be construed as "natural" posting behavior for a regular user.