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Feb 15, 2019 at 2:22 PM
    1. anon1234512345123
      Hi Admin, I am unable to create a thread and I think it's because I was going to do a poll. Unfortunately, I don't know how to cancel the poll. How do you cancel a poll? Whenever I try to make a new thread it keeps the same thread I was going to post.

      Or maybe I can't post my thread because I'm still new?
    2. aceofspades117
      Hi Admin, any idea where to get hold of topical spironolactone from Dr Richard Lee? Does he ship to countries in Asia, such as Malaysia/Singapore etc? And is his topical spironolactone lab tested to be legitimate and not some random cream?
    3. Señor AIDidaS
      Señor AIDidaS
      Hi Admin. I've enjoyed my time on the forum, and everyone is pretty nice. However, I have no need to be here anymore now that my hair has returned. How do I delete my account?
    4. lemoncloak
      Hi admin, is there a new limit on signatures? I tried to add a 6th line and it says I'm 3 characters and 3 lines over the limit. There are others with way bigger sigs. Don't mind, just want to know if it's normal
    5. Kev123
    6. Jim3749
      Need help creating a thread. It says my post is "spam like"
    7. supersaiyannorwood6+
      Hey Admin, can you please ban sadila for spam disliking every single one of my posts.
    8. Phoenix07
      Hi, im trying to post my history, with photos but the forum is not allowing me to post it, saying i dont have privileges and it might be spam ?
      1. Phoenix07
        "Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator."
        Apr 14, 2017
      2. Phoenix07
        There is no spam, just loads of photos of my evolution with medication before i go for the hair transplant. Would like to share my journey but cant post
        Apr 14, 2017
    9. MoreHairpls
      Hi, do you have any new developments on creating a legitimate group buy for the Brotzu lotion? Any news here and there would be great, thanks!
    10. newageclinic
      Dear admin;

      Is it possible for us to share some before and after photos for Hair Transplant as a Clinic ?
      1. Admin
        And thank you for asking first!
        Jan 12, 2017
        newageclinic likes this.
    11. supersaiyannorwood6+
      Hey Admin,

      Hit up Murray Avenue Apothecary. Their phone number is (412) 421-4996
    12. H
      Hey Admin can you change my name to just H. I use it for everything else and I kinda just don't want this email on here lol please and thank you.
      1. H
        Hey jus wondering if you have seen this message yet?
        Dec 6, 2016
      2. Admin
        Admin - so sorry for the delay. Username will be changed within 48 hours to just the letter "H" ?
        Jan 12, 2017
      3. H
        Yes thank you!
        Jan 12, 2017
    13. Nadester
      Hi, just inquiring about your experience with finasteride.
      Did you experience ball ache when you started it??
      1. Admin
        @Nadester Yes - I'd like to officially state on my public facing profile page that I did in fact experience Ball Ache when I went on Propecia! All joking aside, anytime your testosterone levels take a dip, its common to get testicle ache. I have since tried Androgel and the same thing happens as natural production in the testes decreases.
        Jan 12, 2017
    14. Toms
      I would like to know if there is any way to delete threads I've started? Or is it only possible to delete posts?

      1. H likes this.
      2. Admin
        Still familiarizing myself with this new forum software but I believe I need to delete on the thread level for you. Users can only delete individual posts.
        Nov 21, 2016
    15. hope444
      Hi! I just wanted to ask is it ok to post a link to my hair transplant crowdfunding campaign on this forum? Thank you!
      1. Admin
        Oct 14, 2016
    16. ZeldaPlayer007
      Hi Admin,

      Could you change my name to something else please? I don't want my full name on display because of privacy.


      ZeldaPlayer007 would be okay.
      1. Admin
        Jan 12, 2017
    17. Señor AIDidaS
      Señor AIDidaS
      I'm new here and I think I might have posted a thread in the wrong section. It was a motivational post about cool balding dudes. Is it possible to move it to a different board? Sorry for the trouble.
      1. rclark likes this.
      2. Admin
        Nothing better than a cool balding dude. Except maybe a balding forum admin who actually checks his Profile page for user requests - just now seeing this 7 months after the fact. Sorry :(
        Jan 12, 2017
        rclark likes this.
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