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  • Ban @BadInvertor for continually writing hateful messages on other people's posts, without even contributing anything to the thread.
    Is there some way to get my message approved so that I can get my thread added to the forum? It says "awaiting moderation".
    Why was my hair transplant post closed? I would like to continue Updating. I have edited many posts of my Hair Transplant because of me many reputation-damaging content was posted. Unfortunately, I have previously posted "very bad result" and similar reputation-damaging content in the 3.5th and 4th month POST OP too early. Please forgive me again can upload again my pictures and Updates
    Hi Admin, I am unable to create a thread and I think it's because I was going to do a poll. Unfortunately, I don't know how to cancel the poll. How do you cancel a poll? Whenever I try to make a new thread it keeps the same thread I was going to post.

    Or maybe I can't post my thread because I'm still new?
    Hi Admin, any idea where to get hold of topical spironolactone from Dr Richard Lee? Does he ship to countries in Asia, such as Malaysia/Singapore etc? And is his topical spironolactone lab tested to be legitimate and not some random cream?
    Hi Admin. I've enjoyed my time on the forum, and everyone is pretty nice. However, I have no need to be here anymore now that my hair has returned. How do I delete my account?
    Hi admin, is there a new limit on signatures? I tried to add a 6th line and it says I'm 3 characters and 3 lines over the limit. There are others with way bigger sigs. Don't mind, just want to know if it's normal
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