Stemson is going to use minipigs in the next stage of their hair cloning research


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Boom! HUGE news. Last 12 months provided major breakthroughs, they are able to create human hairs on human skin on mouse, next stage is going full human in the clinical trials. FDA already "blessed" their plans for clinical trials. Everything is going to plan!

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Full video, release just a couple of hours ago. You heard here first!

(and before the crying little biatches complain that it still is going to take a couple of years before it's ready, it's better a couple of years than never. First FULL SOLUTION TO HAIRLOSS IN ALL HUMAN HISTORY IS ON TRACK --> HOLD TIGHT AND BUCKLE UP, OUR TIME WILL COME. STEMSON ARE THE ONLY PROS IN BALDNESS TOWN AND THEY WILL DELIVER.


One cope dies (kintor) just for another one (stemson) to take its place.

It's f*****g mice, show me the efficacy on a HUMAN.