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New Year's Resolutions For 2018 -- Wow Time Flies !

Discussion in 'The Impact of Hair Loss' started by Afro_Vacancy, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Notcoolanymore

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    Jan 3, 2014
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    Additional resolutions :
    -cut online p*rn surfing to 10hrs/week
    -beat off 4 or less times/week
    -get at least 5 blowjobs/week
    -listen to good music 30 minutes/week
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  2. WhitePolarBear

    Nov 26, 2009
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    My Regimen:
    My Regimen
    My Regimen
    0. Have a second FUE hair transplant (in a couple of days now)
    1. Start writing my own songs
    2. Regularly write articles for my blog
    3. Lean to cook
    4. Move in with my girlfriend
    5. Maintain the romance in my relationship
    6. Travel to Southern Europe and Australia
    7. Lift weights three times a week and become more rigorous with my nutrition
    8. Make time for entertainment (music, movies, video games, TV shows, p*rn, etc.)
    9. Attend at least one social gathering a week
    10. Possibly try to conceive a child but that might be for 2019

    OK, I think that should be enough and it will certainly fill all my time outside of work. The FUE should make all the other pursuits easier and more enjoyable. I think of it as buying some additional peace of mind, even though it still won't solve my hair problem completely.

    Then I'll have the recovery period after my surgery to hopefully kick-start some of those resolutions properly (Not 7. and 9. of course).

    Happy New Year everyone!

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