My Journey With Dr Demirsoy 2042 Grafts Armamed With Pics


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Another update photo which was taken a few days ago at 1 week under 5 months post op


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Wolf Pack

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Thanks! What’s everyone’s thoughts on the hairline picked? Was a little worried it wasn’t low enough

How high is the forehead in the centre and corners from the eyebrows? Ideally 5.5-6.5cm looks best. Looks high up but partly due to your forehead shape it can't be helped and also you would have needed 3000 grafts minimum to get okay density too. If you wrinkle your forehead you can follow the top crease to know where your line once was. You can always go for round 2 after this improvement and I think lowering 2cm max is possible without it looking strange.

Tillman ran out of donor hair so was a different story but you can see much recession he has with the front.



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The results look as if they will be great mate.
Personally I think the hairline is placed very well.

How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking. DM if needed.