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Wolf Pack
Sep 18, 2014
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Wolf Pack

Moderator, from Somewhere in Yellowstone

    1. VeprSuper
      Hey dude, hope all is well. 16 months on finasteride and I have the hair of a 17 year old. It's awesome.
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    Somewhere in Yellowstone
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    My unstable stalker FredTheBelgian opens up "But you Fred! You're mentally ill, you're below average, 4/10, your master's degree, anyone could get it, your job, anyone could do it, you're autistic, you have a personality disorder, you're bitter, you have a potato face, you're a cuck, you're (still) bald, people mock you behind your back, your girlfriend is not attracted to you, etc. etc."

    I humbly suggest a bout of therapy and medication after a frank discussion and full system examination by a licensed physician. There is no shame in seeking help or developing coping mechanisms over your issues. Everyone can be a winner in some way and life certainly doesn't have to be one big injury. We can see self identifying happy people everywhere even if they're poor or severely disabled. What's stopping you? Count your blessings mate and avoid positive and negative discrimination - life is not all about looks, education and putting people in a hierarchy. Love yourself, others and life.


    Big Wolf