finasteride since 03/13/13 - great success

Vitor Diniz

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My problem is a strong Telogen Effluvium that i lost 40% density i think and lasted for 2 years due to a crash diet and traction alopecia due to sleep with headsets, i lost much more density on sides. :(
finasteride is to prevent because i can't lost anymore hair, is hard to cover my sides.
But i can see small hairs growing in all head, i think i will recover a little. My right side is so bad :(
My hairline is intact but my crown i can see a minor thinning. Is my 3 month on finasteride i can see a good crown improve.
I am 26 years old
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I think my face changed a little bit (minimal). No waight gain / muscle changes.
I am ~180cm @ 84kg @ ~10% Bodyfat, i think my body looks almost equal to peapoddys (but without hair on the brest lol). Nothing changed here since finasteride..

Sometimes I feel a bit tired in the morning.

Gonna need some photo evidence here. Peapoddy's a pro body model


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3 months RU, 13 months finasteride (only 2x 1,25mg/week), 7 months dutasteride topical
hair is back (y)