Failed/bad Result After 7 Months - Asmed Koray Erdogan 3600 Grafts


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It's too early to panic, the photos don't look as bad as you think. The last thing you need is another doctor putting in more grafts and ruining your hairline before it has been one year.


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you can see from the immediate post op pics that the density is low.

Its not failed, its a typical case of trying to cover a large area with a small number of grafts. You need another FUE to increase density

How was the 3600 grafts number decided ?


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it does not look like dense packing at all from the post op
looks like most grafts did grow so its not failed, the issue is that ASMED did not explain that you would need another pass.

Maybe you had budget constraints?

There are risks packing too much over a large area, better to have 2 FUE a year apart to increase density once blood flow has been increased so so I dont see the issue, it safer to have done in 2 steps

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Are you taking meds? I think you may just be having a late delay in regrowth, give it another 3 months before making a final judgement.