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  • Hi El Duterino,
    I've been following your posts and I'm feeling that you're probably the resident expert in the field of CB!
    Im in a bit of a pickle hair-loss wise, as a result I am now 'going nuclear' (topical spironolactone/cb/ oral min/10% min foam, dutasteride). Just wondering if you feel that Wuhan is a decent source for CB? I have just received 4g but it didn't come with testing results. I'm using 0.25 mg per day.
    Hi el_duterino, new member and going through your posts. Is there any reason you switched from ru to cb considering it's more expensive? Also as a vehicle have you heard of serioxyl from loreal? Much cheaper than neogenic with 5% stemoxydine.
    Hey El Duterino! I am going through your posts because I am interested in getting CB from Kane. I see the vehicle you use, but do you have any posts on the whole process of putting it together. I have no idea and any help is appreciated!
    Hi mate. Could you possibly recommend how I calculate the correct dosage to use with RU ? Had a look and can’t seem to find anything. I’m wanting to get the powder and solution from AnagenInc and wanting to start with a dosage of 50mg Edis possible. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
    Hi, i would like to ask you couple questions about Ru58841 in a private msg , but dont rly see the option for one here :)
    just post in the forums lets share the info
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