Confidence, new relationships with hair loss


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Hello everyone I just joined. Hashimotos, antidepressants are probably the reason for my all over diffuse thinning hair. Just turned 40 (hair loss started at 26). Thins more and more every year. Just within the last 3 months I’m starting to get patchy baldness in areas.
It’s always been a source of stress for me. But now I wish I appreciated the little bit more hair I had months ago. In a new relationship with a wonderful man. When we met my hair looked fairly decent. I’m afraid he’s no longer going to be attracted to me anymore. I believe he will still love me but not be attracted. And I’m so upset about it, and feel so down I’m not even myself.
I got some wide based toppers but I think I’m going to be one of those who get bald spots with the clips so I don’t want to wear them now.
My boyfriend tells me his feelings won’t change and that it’s fine. He suggests a hat rather than fuss about expensive hair prices. I try not to feel so bad about it but I can’t help it. I’m just getting over strep throat AND Covid…so I imagine in about 3 months I’m just going to have a few whispy hairs on my head!!!
I want to be ok with this. But I don’t know how.


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My mother had the same thing. At first she thought it was because of stress and a varied diet. She has always used the same shampoo for a long time. I decided to give her a set of good cosmetics and self-care. I had hoped that the parcel would arrive by her birthday and on ipsy customer service I was assured that so. I am very happy because of this because after this shampoo and conditioner her hair became more alive and less loss.
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Well, first of all, you should have a positive, healthy, and optimistic attitude. You can try to go outdoors more, or do some crafts and other things that can make you feel relaxed and happy.
Then find a professional to treat your hair loss.
If you can't solve the problem, consider wearing a wig.
You can choose convenient Headband wigs, or if you can afford it, HD lace wigs.
It's very light and breathable, and it's very natural.