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    15 Year Old Girl With Excess Hair Loss And Growth

    Yeah speak with your doctor. This sounds like a thyroid issue. If not, you may just have a family background with a lot of hair. My one friend is super hair and she (yes SHE) has a very hairy family. She is perfectly healthy.
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    Get Healthy They Said... Lose Weight They Said..

    So you think it was my mom's blending with my dad's genes? I don't have a brother to compare myself to but my sister has really nice hair though but I know male/female genes are different.
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    A tall husband may be the key to a happy marriage

    I am not tall but I am not short. 5'10. I heard women say they wouldn't marry under 6' but they would date short men. That is some BS. I am sure not all women are like this but enough of them are and it is usually the really attractive ones. LOL
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    Get Healthy They Said... Lose Weight They Said..

    Well this just sucks then. My sister, who is a dietitian said it could have been because of my diet but it would have self corrected itself by now. Ugggg. I need to find something that will change my genes. LOL
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    Breaking The Mirrors Sounds Like A Good Idea

    Between 2a and 4 I'd day. The balding on the back isn't so bad but I still see a spot. It has been like that for 5 years and hasn't gotten worse. As for treatments, I have tried over the counter stuff. My doctor wanted to put be on something called Propecia but was worried about illnesses that...
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    Get Healthy They Said... Lose Weight They Said..

    No but I will look in to it. My great grandfather on one side died before I was born and the other died when I was young so I don't remember. I will look for some pictures tomorrow.
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    Get Healthy They Said... Lose Weight They Said..

    How can it skip my father and my grandfather on both sides. That is what doesn't make sense. How far back does it have to go? To me, if it was genetics, one of my grandparents would have been bald.
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    The science of intermittent fasting

    My ex fasted one time a year. Every December she would fast for 10 days. I thought she was nuts but by day 3 she was so happy, energetic, her skin glowed, she slept better. There is something to it. I personally would never last that long but these 36 hour fasts sound doable.
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    Oxygen And Hair Loss - Is Breathing Better Beneficial?

    Not sure how this would make a difference. There has to be more to it than this. I don't do well with them science things though. I feel the way I breath is perfectly fine though.
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    Anyone Ever Hear Of Andrea Hair Essence ?

    Who whaty? I never heard of it. I am not sure that will work but why not try. I did a search for it and it says it is only like $2 a bottle. I might get it just for the heck of it. Can't hurt. Did you try it?
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    What Are Your Thoughts On Scalp Massages?

    I thought about this but I am just too lazy to bother. I know that sounds sad but I work out 4 times a week, work a full time job, ect, ect. I hardly every have time to think about it. I have tried ice though. Hasn't been long but I am hoping it works. Does the same thing by increasing...
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    Get Healthy They Said... Lose Weight They Said..

    It doesn't run in my family. My grandfather has thinned hair but still a full head of it, my other grandfather dies young but with a full head of hair. My father has a full head as well. My mother has thinner hair but not balding or anything . Makes. No. Sense.
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    Breaking The Mirrors Sounds Like A Good Idea

    Some days I want to. Just break all the mirrors in my house. I look at my body, acknowledge my age... then I see it. That bald patch of hell fire staring at me. Laughing at me. I got in the best shape of my life only to lose my hair. Makes no dang sense. I hope things will work out for me. I...
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    Gradually stopped Propecia. Hair still here.

    Umm... I feel like I am being worked here. GG OP, this was one of the best threads I have read on a forum. hahaha
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    Ru58441 Does It Work Or Is It A Scam?

    Fair enough. I am sick of them faulty "trial" thought, for real. Like they treat people like morons saying they ran tests and have done nothing.