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    Poll: Select The 15 Best Tsuji Questions

    Can somebody tell me what "expanding dp cells beyond passage 7" means? Thanks.
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    16 And Fearing Hair-loss By Genetics

    Is there any consensus about what age hair loss first starts affecting most balding men? The majority guys on here seem to have first experienced hair loss in their early to mid teens. First noticing balding after 30 seems to be 1 in 15 cases on here. But I read research by George Cotsarelis...
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    Future Treatments - Let's Make Some Order

    I just want to see this one off the scale.
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    Tsuji Interview Incoming - Ask Your Questions Now!

    Anyone know why Riken are not utilising IPS cells in their hair regeneration research?
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    A Friend Of Mine Took His Own Life A Few Days Ago..

    The poor guy. It can be so damn tough being a man, especially if you're losing your hair.
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    Facing The Harsh Reality Of The Cure

    Hasn't the knowledge around dscc been open knowledge for some time? I may be wrong to say this, but I don't really rate Dr. Hoffman. I don't see him as a visionary to take this treatment where it needs to go. In interviews he seems to dither and sound a bit confused about the subject he is...
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    New Puretech Article Mentions Follica

    The de novo/ follicle neogenesis element is what I want to know more about. Clearly all the anecdotal and few clinical trials on derma-wounding have not actually created de novo follicles, right? I always thought derma-wounding just revived existing miniaturized hairs. But Cots has always...
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    New Puretech Article Mentions Follica

    If coupled with minoxidil, I wonder how they or the patient would be able to tell the difference between de novo hair and revived miniaturized hair. Significant difference obviously. In the Indian study I would guess all it is are revived miniturized hair and not actual follicle neogenesis. Follica...
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    New Puretech Article Mentions Follica

    Yeah me too. Let's face it, 130 would be great. The judgement of other people thinking, "that guy's balding" would be gone. All possible from a small biopsy, too. However, if there were a limit to what they could offer and it was below the average of 200-300 pcm2, I'd have to get my head...
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    New Puretech Article Mentions Follica

    So would 130 individual hair strands amount to approx 50-60 fu/cm2? Same as a mid-range sort of fue? No reason to think they wod cap it arbitrarily at 130 (why would they?), but it is nonetheless noteworthy that he grew precisely 128 hairs on 1cm2 on the mouse and he added that this was the...
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    Steps to take next?

    Just await Tsuji like us all.
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    New Puretech Article Mentions Follica

    You're crazy paranoid. hair transplants suck ***. I would never get one in a million years. Nor would I suggest one to anyone. So don't call me a hair transplant shill! Get a grip and don't insult anyone who raises reasonable questions/doubts. I didn't read that it was against the rules to do that here. Tsuji is our...
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    New Puretech Article Mentions Follica

    S*** so would there really be that much of a difference in density between a strong hair transplant of 100 hairs per 1cm/2 and if Tsuji only maxes out at 100-120 hairs per 1cm/2? Seeing as normal non-balding density is more like 200-300 I think, so significantly higher. Not saying Tsuji will max out at 128...
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    New Puretech Article Mentions Follica

    Is that because a single hair transplant graft typically contains 2-3 hairs? In hair transplants, what is the average number of individually implanted hairs per cm2? Since Follica and Riken seem to refer to individual hair counts only and not to hair groupings. I think this Follica treatment has the potential to be...