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    Here’s My Regiment! Recording My Progress

    What’s up guys almost been a year since I started treatment. Here’s my experience. Finasteride: I used finasteride for 8 months. While i was shedding like crazy every single day. My hair kept looking the same. Also it kept itching. As an experiment I took 5 mg of finasteride to see if it would...
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    Are My Sides Too Thin For This? And What To Do?

    Hey! Been interested in this. I would love to do this instead of taking drugs to keep my hair. But I’m a little concerned my sides are too thin or will become to thin by the time I do it? Tell me what you think. How can I keep them thick? What should I do?
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    Here’s My Regiment! Recording My Progress

    Hello! Recently started duta. Been about 2 1/2 months. Where my hair was thinning it appears very slightly thicker. Hard to tell. I had a freckle which I used to gauge my hair loss. It was always visible 2 1/2 months ago. It’s now covered up most of the time. But by thin hair. So far optimistic.
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    What Norwood Am I? Should I Just Shave It Off?

    Don’t get fear mongered. finasteride is the way to go. ya there’s hope with finasteride
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    What Do You Guys Think About This Hair Loss?

    Hey man it’s cool it’s cool. Don’t get to worked up on it. Finasteride will slow it down or stop it. It doesn’t mess with your hormones too bad don’t read the horror stories 1% of people have sides. Don’t give into fear. Your sex organs are already developed so DHT is useless to you. And if all...
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    Strongest Glue Or Tape I Hate 7 Words

    hey! Thinking about getting one of these! Only problem is i board a lot. Snowboard surfboarding wakeboarding. Is there a waterproof, super strong glue or tape I could put on the day before or a couple days before a beach day or something like that? I really don’t want these things falling off...
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    What Is The Best Treatment Without Finasteride And Minoxidil ?

    Mmmmm:/ not many effective treatments that don’t mess with the hormones. You could try s5 cream? That’s topical spironolactone. Maybe RU but, I’d be scared of using that, a lot more then taking finasteride. Why don’t you want to use finasteride?
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    What Norwood Am I? Should I Just Shave It Off?

    Male pattern baldness sorry mate. Hop on finasteride quick. Don’t go with natural treatments. Nature wants you bald!
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    Diffused Unpatterned Alopecia? Pics Posted

    If you’re worried about it make an appointment with a dermatologist they will know for sure. I have the same thing. And whenever I pull on those areas I lose a few hairs. I’ve had it since I was 10 tho. Don’t know if it’s related to my male pattern baldness.
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    Get Happy. And Be Patient. You Guy.

    Well I just like to think that there is meaning to life even if one is bald. And I think this site should be more about discovery! And support. A determination for all of us to defeat our common enemy. For once we don’t have to go bald! And if we do It’s not the end.