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    PGE2 regimen: How to apply PGE2 with RU and minoxidil

    Hey, I've just got my PGE2 powder. I'm currently taking RU and minoxidil twice per day. How should I add PGE2 to my regimen? Should I apply minoxidil in the morning and PGE2 in the evening or should I take both at the same time? What about RU? Any feedback would be appreciated
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    I want to start using PGE2. Any advice?

    Hi, I had good results with Minoxidil and now want to try PGE2. Have you had a good results with combining these two? Should I buy PGE2 powder and make my own mix or is there any product I can use?
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    Pge2 Where To Buy It And How To Apply

    @pegasus2 Do you know what is average price for 1g of PGE2? I have searched it on Alibaba and price varies A LOT. From $100/g to $600. Aaand... you're saying that daily dose is 2mg. That means 1g of PGE2 will alst you for 500 applications, right?
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    Pge2 Where To Buy It And How To Apply

    Hey, I want to add PGE2 to my regimen. Do you know any relible source to buy it from? What is the fair price for PGE2? And is there some guide on how to apply PGE2? I have read hellouser's guide for RU. It was very clear and simple. It would be nice to read same instructions about PGE2 too
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    Pge2 Cheap Sources And Group Buy. Chk Chk

    Really want to to try PGE2 but don't know where to buy. Does anyone know cheap source? Is there some group buy going on? I would be glad to join.
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    dutasteride, minoxidil, Ru. Still Shedding. Any Advice?

    Hey, I'm taking dutasteride, RU (1ml 8% once a day) and minoxidil (2x day) and I'm still losing hair. How it's possible? I'm 22 years old and I'm shedding since I'm 13. Only minoxidil gave me some result and I regrew quite a lot of hair but it's losing effectiveness. I have DUPA and I think I'm more...
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    Sign Up For Pge2 Group Buy 2018 Here

    I want to participate in this group buy too. What should I do?
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    How Common Is Shedding During First Month On Ru?

    Hey, After 1.5 years on finasteride, 1 year on dutasteride and 3 years on minoxidil I have started applying 8% RU (bought form **) once a day. After 2 weeks my hair started to shed a lot. Now I'm past 1 month of using it and I have probably gained 0.5 norwood. Is it common to shed a lot of hair after...
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    Samumed Sm04554 Interview Coming Soon Post Questions Here!

    1. What efficacy (I mean % regrowth) will they consider from their new phase 2 satisfying to move to phase 3 and then commercialize it. 2. Did they see hairline regrowth in phase 2? 3. commercialization timeline 4. side effects 5. Do they believe that they can achieve high % regrowth with...
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    Some Questions About Fina Vs dutasteride. (+more Words)

    Hey, I'm taking 1.25mg fina for almost 1.5 years. I regrew a lot hair with fina + minoxidil combo. After starting taking fina my itch and greasiness disappeared but 3 months ago my scalp became very greasy, itch has returned and I started losing hair again 6 months ago. I have decided to start...
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    Recent Study On Promoting Hair Growth With Pak1

    JAKS are already here. It "cured" AA, we have photos and studies but they're still not on the market after 3 or more years! and now we are reading about something completely new, we have no studies, no photos, nothing. It makes me very pessimistic :| How can we be happy for something when we...
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    Lots Of New Info On Follica's Website

    If this device removes epidermis and even deeper layers of skin. Will it damage miniaturized hair? If it damages it then we will not benefit from RCH. Am I right? :\
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    Italian Hair Loss Lotion To Hit The Market In 2016

    "Forums had to be rolled back to last Tuesday. Sincerest apologies for lost content." Probably Admin is fixing some issues. I'm sure he will bring back lost threads, because many of the lost threads are very important.
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    Tsuji Riken Hair Primordiums - Final 20 Questions

    It is not true. Don't worry about that. @drakeznathan
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    Tsuji Riken Hair Primordiums - Final 20 Questions

    Yeah, maybe three, four decades... even five