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    How long does it take hormone levels - for a blood test - to return to normal after stopping use of AA’s?

    So something such as darolutamide/ CB; how long do the hormones take to get back to their normal levels so you start recording your pre-AA-use levels in blood tests? Does it take longer than it would coming off finasteride? Need to get hormone levels tested privately but don't want to waste...
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    Does Oc And Pge2 Need To Be Shipped Express And With Ice Packs?

    I am being told so on Alibaba, but problem is that ice packs draw incredible suspicion in the event of a customs check, and currently all things being sent from China to my country via express are being inspected by customs. Is it for sure necessary guys?
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    Darolutamide (odm-201), A Better Topical Than Enzalutamide?

    Anyone who understands these kind of drugs know if .05% (.05 mg) would be sufficient. As per finasteride studies, .05% was very effective. Daro is meant to be "100x" stronger but I don't understand the physiology of these drugs within the body, so unsure how it differs. I have it, and just wondering...
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    Oh-flutamide- The Active Metabolite Of Flutamide; A Better Ru58841?

    How much have people who have used in the past paid for oh-flut? Just wondering what a good price is off Alibaba...
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    Oh-flutamide Stopped My Hairloss, Possibly The Best Topical Aa

    Does it cross the brain barrier and therefore f*** with physique (loss of muscle/ gaining of fat)?
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    Yes, it was definitely reduced early on (when I was on ~2%), and I feel likely, continued to be reduced thereafter. The problem was that I had to wash my hair about 5 times more thoroughly after developing a scalp condition which made the amount of hair I shed increase by probably a similar...
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    @Hugh mellor Hey guys, OP here. Don't really have much productive to add on clasco, but had an inbox and as I don't come on here any more really, just decided to post it here in case it could be of any help to anyone. Hard to say what kind of effectiveness it had for me. I started off at ~2%...
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    Oh-flutamide Stopped My Hairloss, Possibly The Best Topical Aa

    Darolutamide is not a tranny drug? It doesn't cross the brain barrier when applied topically.
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    Has Anyone Used Setipiprant Sodium Before - Can You Confirm This Is It

    The white one is CB for comparison's sake.
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    I was on nothing, then started finasteride and had hair regrowth for the first month and half, then suddenly starting shedding more and more with insane scalp itch occurring. Are you saying that you suspended dutasteride during CB use and got an itch or your itch from stopping dutasteride was another...
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    So you had precipitous increased itch after beginning CB/ finasteride? And did you have initial regrowth on both too? I just find it hard to believe that the rate of shedding that I had and the insane itch could not have been a sign that things were not working out.
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    About 2 months before I started CB.
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    The Cb (breezula [clascoterone]) Community Thread

    I am OP. I was using it for 6 months or so and it was acting effectively at stopping hair loss, but in the last 3 weeks I have began shedding large amounts again. I have no idea if it is a shedding cycle or the drug has just stopped working as with finasteride I had good results straight off the bat...