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    Piece Of advice Need

    Hi. first of all i apologize for my poor english. I am 22 yrs old male with no family history of hairloss and i experienced total body hairloss facial hairloss sideburns hair shed ,forearm and ...... since I was 14 ,i had life with lots of struggles ,full of anxiety ,stress and still depression...
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    mino won't work only after 2 months

    I said the vellus hairs became thicker i didn't say i grow vellus then terminal hair .vellus hairs appeared in my hairline about a year ago and i mean those. I just asking for help ,i am not here for saying that i am a magician or something like that.
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    mino won't work only after 2 months

    Thanks dude I get it from prescription , but all the docs won't listen to me and their prescriptions is finastride and bitotin and zinc sulphate. the last doctor i visited ,she confirmed that my hair loss won't related to male pattern baldness and she prescribed fluconazole with anti fungal lotions which cause...
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    mino won't work only after 2 months

    hi all first of all i apologize for my poor english . I am 22 y/o male that experience hair loss from my 14,15 with no family history of hair loss ,last year i saw there significantly my body hair and facial hair became thin ,and massive shedding from whole body started (before all of this i had...
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    SD or male pattern baldness??

    I think it is not male pattern baldness , and it relate to other thing and as you said you hair receding i think it should recede not diffuse hair loss however it's good to notice it at early steps and you can treat it. good luck
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    I need your help.

    Hi ,i am 21 yrs old male.there is no male pattern baldness run through our family (both mother and father side ) and i am loosing hair(body hair ,leg hair, sideburns,beard hair ,armpit hair) massively since i was 12 or 13 .i checked my thyroid and iron and blood test and there is no problem with it . my older...
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    I think male pattern baldness is dependent on the HPA axis

    hi dudes I am 21 y/o male and i suffered form hair loss since i was 13,14. i know my situation is weird ,but i need your help,because i am in depression and when i visit dermatoligist ,he prescribes me finastride ,but it is more different form male pattern baldness,because no one suffered form male pattern baldness in my family...
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    Newly Discovered Factor in Androgenetic Alopecia. The Cure is Near?

    hi folks i am new to forum ,so forgive me ,because i couldn't find appropriate topic to ask my question. so this is my story ,i had massive hairloss(even in sides and donor area) in last 2 years because of stress ,depression and severe disease,i am 21 year old,and my father and my uncles didn't...