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    The Group Buy to End All Group Buys: Twist1 Inhibitor

    Skepticism is good and healthy and I appreciate some of your posts but this implied threat of doxxing research chemical discords is (extremely) fucked up. If you're this emotionally invested in the group buys you should just join the discords and offer substantive rebuttals and leave the grudges...
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    Hutera - New 'microbubble' Topical Dutasteride

    There was a recent study that showed monthly application of .01% topical dutasteride along with 2.5mm microneedling had good efficacy
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    The Group Buy to End All Group Buys: Twist1 Inhibitor

    It’ll come out eventually but I understand their perspective. They’re putting their money and health on the line and these gbs have minimum order quantities. If people are really that interested then they can pay the cash to know sooner. Half of them will start dooming about "shedding" and...
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    The Group Buy to End All Group Buys: Twist1 Inhibitor

    If the theories are so stupid then why do you care about the results?
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    The Group Buy to End All Group Buys: Twist1 Inhibitor

    Apologies if this has already been covered. How sure are you guys of the dosage? Is there any chance that this will be like SMI in that we need full inhibition for it to work?
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    HMI-115 PRLR antibody: The Most Promising Treatment Ever

    Even if it wasn’t prohibitively expensive, there aren’t many people willing to hook up an IV of mystery juice from china every week. It’s a lot different than chucking a little bit of lab tested powder into your minoxidil.
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    Published in Nature: Weekly treatment with SAMiRNA targeting the androgen receptor ameliorates androgenetic alopecia

    It's supposed to be out as a cosmetic in EU this year. No reason we shouldn't be able to import it
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    The Group-Buy to end 'em all: TDM-105795

    With the failure of all other group buys besides pyrilutamide... Why not wait for confirmation from phase 2 studies?
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    Kintor has started Phase 3 trial in China for Pyrilutamide

    Hi everyone, Quick update for those who aren't in the discords. Pyrilutamide is arriving for those who participated in the group buy. Some already have started. Multiple users claim to have seen leaked results from Kintors upcoming presentation in June. These results were apparently posted in...
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    Han Bio will start phase 1 Clinical Trials

    Thankfully that WAY groupbuy has me lactating like a fire hydrant