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    Haven't been here in a while

    I have not posted on this in a while, and the reason is because my hair hasn't bothered me as much. I have been on a routine of finasteride (quarter proscar tablet) per day + nizoral 2% every 3 days. I'm here to tell you guys that finasteride does work, at least, it did for me. It did not work for a long...
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    Person's story (Updated 16/2/07)

    I haven't posted on these forums for quite a while now. Just thought I'd share my current situation with all of you. I still feel like my hair is thin. My temples are still slightly receeded and still not a day goes by when I don't think about my hairloss. It's been 8 months since I...
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    Aveda pure abundance shampoo rocks!!

    That's a funny reply. Is Aveda Pure Abundance cheap? Do they have a complimenting conditioner too?
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    Increasing number of grey hairs

    Recently I've had an increase in the numbers of grey hairs on my head. I never used to have this many, so I'm wondering if this is a sign of something going on. I read about unpigmented hairs being regrowth hairs and I'm wondering if this is true in my case. Should these grey hairs revert...
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    Australian dutasteride users

    Do you have to fill in any declarations or send in any prescriptions to get them? How much does 140 euros equate to? And it's one pill a day isn't it? How is it going for you? Getting good results?
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    Australian dutasteride users

    Who lives in Australia and has access to dutasteride? How much do you get it for and how do you get it?
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    Splitting Proscar

    Alright, thanks I won't worry about it anymore, as long as I get the whole pill over 4 days I guess I'll be right. What about my other enquiries? As so the powder of finasteride lying around? Is it safe if nobody is getting pregnant? How long should they be kept away (definately) from it...
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    Splitting Proscar

    Thanks, but that video shows you how to split into 5ths, I want to split into 4 equal parts.
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    Splitting Proscar

    I've switched from propecia to proscar. I find proscar very oddly shaped. I expected the same shape as propecia, but when I saw the triangular shape, I did not know how to split it. I have a pill splitter, and when I cut it, I wind up with two big pieces and two small pieces. How do you...
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    Taugenichts's Story - (pic updated on 10/21/07 on page 12)

    Taug, I don't think your hairline is that bad. You shouldn't worry about that too much at all. It isn't noticeable that any recession has occured. Your crown I admit looks a bit thin, but how did you style it in that photo? Did you rough it up or wet it at all? It's all in how you...
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    Going swimming or going to the beach.

    In a few days, I'll have to go to either the pool, or the beach. I know my hair looks drastic when it is wet, and I haven't been in a pool or beach since forever now. Does anybody have some suggestions to avoid looking and feeling horrible? If it comes down to it, I might fake a cramp and...
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    Succes only after 6 months?

    Are you trying to find motivation like me? I want to find as many people as possible who achieved finasteride regrowth without the aid of minoxidil. People who started with relatively thin hair. It doesn't matter to me how long it takes for finasteride to kick in, as long as it kicks in eventually (not...
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    JayMan's success story(PICTURES added Today, 3/9)

    Why does your hair look different in the two pictures, did you colour it? I see your hairline hasn't receeded much at all, but thanks for showing me these pictures. You never used minoxidil did you? I'm trying to find as much proof as possible that no minoxidil regrowth is very possible.
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    Heading towards a 3 on the Norwood scale......

    Are you adding Nizoral to your regimen? I notice you have a lot of vitamins in there, but I didn't see Nizoral. That might help.
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    Propecia/Proscar Mixup. Please Help!

    Don't worry about it, you still get some benefit from taking 0.25mg a day. Just check now and make sure you're either taking 1mg Propecia a day or 1/4 Proscar a day, which means 1.25mg a day. Just out of curiosity, what shape does proscar come in? Is it the same shape as propecia?