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    Previous Alopecia Areta Returning After Many Years

    Do a search for baricitinib
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    Pyrilutamide phase 2 results, ?leaked?

    Well, I didn't see there is already a discussion about this on another forum. But nevertheless this is not the treatment everyone was hoping for.
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    Kintor has started Phase 3 trial in China for Pyrilutamide

    There is a disease called androgen insensitive syndrome where androgen receptors are partially or completely insensitive to androgens and there are still reports of certain types of alopecia. So, maybe androgens are just a piece of the puzzle
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    Pyrilutamide phase 2 results, ?leaked?

    There is a image circulating on discord groups and reddit with a potential screenshot from a presentation of kintor showing the results of 2.5mg and 5mg twice a day Placebo - 9 hairs 2.5mg pyri - 14 hairs 5mg pyri - 22 hairs If this is legit, the results are kind of sh*t, there's a...
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    This bish keeps the secret away from us!! [Satire]

    Sir John Irving Bell He is a 70 year old renowned geneticist and immunologist. Come on grandpa tells us all about that prolactin and samirna :))
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    Oral Steroid Made My Hair Grow Back Thicker!

    This is kind of easy to test since there are a lot of steroid users which posts pictures of themselves, just google(Images) for "anavar or Oxandrolone before after". You will find hundreds of results, look at their hairlines. Personally, I don't see any differences and don't be fooled by guys...
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    The myth of ru58841 being unstable/degrading faster in water

    Below are 2 studies made in the 90s by the researchers working for Roussel Uclaf(the company that created Ru) The studies compared Ru permiation in a classic ethanol solution versus liposomes. Both concluded the liposomes are better, but the important thing is that in both studies the control...
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    Topical dutasteride will destroy your hairline - STAY AWAY!!!

    Might be scammers, look at the link, it contains a lot of keywords like alopecia, antiandrogens, even ru58841 despite being the link page for cb. This is the kind of "seo" that can get you banned from search engines, legit sites usually don't do this.
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    Topical dutasteride will destroy your hairline - STAY AWAY!!!

    Interesting study Finasteride upregulates expression of androgen receptor in hyperplastic prostate and LNCaP cells: Implications for chemoprevention of prostate cancer Their conclusion: Immunohistochemical study revealed significant upregulation of ARs by finasteride treatment for 30–180 days...
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    Irishpride86's Story -(SUCCESS ROGAINE & RU58841,NOW finasteride)

    Sad that you feel embarrassed by pictures that you posted by yourself along this years. I did not post anything from your private life , conversations or your social media(twitch is a public streaming service, with public videos.) I just did a recap of your journey since you have one of the best...
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    Kintor dermatology conference from 13 jan.

    This is the webcast from 13 Jan. It starts to talk about pyri at around ~14 min. No actual news and of course no photos, just a presentation with their road map. They say they will present clinical data later this year in another conference :).
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    Exploring The Hormonal Route. Hair=life.

    Tretinoin + moisturizers seems to be the real deal. Also a bit of tanning will help to hide even further imperfections of the skin. This guy had a nice change. Hair looks good too (min, finasteride,ru, tret, dermarolling).
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    Before you jump straight to HRT give min+finasteride(dutasteride)+ru a chance

    Here's the success story of a reddit user who had great success using topical min, oral dutasteride and a bit of ru. He was a NW5-6 and still made a great recovery. On top of that he claims no erection problems, only reduced ejaculate. 16 and 18 months 25 months Full regimen: 0.5 Dutasteride...
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    Low Progesterone in men can also cause Hairloss.

    In italy is common practice for pharmacies to compound topical combinations of minoxidil with progesterone, estrone sulfate, 17alpha-estradiol, estriol, cyproterone and spironolactone, and the results are not better than classic min +finasteride in terms of hair regrowth. The italian forums are still...