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    Jake Kent starting Hair System company

    He will succeed Simply because: promotion & branding
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    still losing ground on finasteride 1mg eod

    either go on dutasteride or accept the slow loss on finasteride
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    Instant Smp (scalp Micropigmentation) Product Launching Soon

    This Brett guy is already a hunk even without a hairline
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    Taking the plunge. Advice appreciated - Oral minoxidil

    My temples are graying and it's depressing Father time molests us all
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    What are your thoughts on stemoxydine?

    The recommended dose is 4 pipettes but I think a stemoxydine pipette is at least 2 ml - much more than a minoxidil pipette. So the recommended daily dose is at least 8 ml. LOL.
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    What are your thoughts on stemoxydine?

    I have a bottle I bought last year and I'm contemplating whether to add it to my routine. The problems I've noticed after a few applications are the overwhelming "product" smell and that the recommended amount is absurd (4 ml). Is it even worth it?
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    Most efficient combined usage of Tretinoin and Minoxidil?

    Dunno but what have been your results so far ?!