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    Did Japan finally find a cure for balding?
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    Just tell me! should I take finasteride?

    1mg finasteride (generic) daily worked for me, luckily I started taking it at age 40 after i already had 2 kids. I havent noticed any side affects.
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    Success, so far. This works for me.

    I started showing signs of balding in my mid 30s and only until I reached 40 did I finally try finasteride. Before that I tried a lot of things from supplements, shampoos, dht blockers, to putting all sorts of oils, fruits etc on my scalp. The only thing I havent tried was the laser comb/hat...
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    Finally A Shampoo That Worked For Me!

    I'm in no way trying to sell this product or promote it. I simply came upon this by chance and wanted to share my experience with you all. I know its good to be skeptical (especially online) but you'll have to take my word for it that in my personal experience it worked for me. Like I said, of...
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    Balding Bad: My Head Is Totally Sk(r)ewed

    Dont worry so much, you can pull of the bald look, you've got the face for it. Unlike some unlucky others (like myself)
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    Finally A Shampoo That Worked For Me!

    I was desperate in finding a shampoo that would reduce the thinning and balding of my hair. I bought many different kinds online such as, biotin shampoo, purador, purebiology revivahair, propidren, majestic pure hair loss shampoo, etc along with nizoral. I even tried derma rolling with caffeine...
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    Anybody Hear About This Led Treatment From Korea?
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    Can I Please Just Die Already Please!

    At least most of you guys are average or better looking and could pull off a bald look. I've got a small deformed head with a below average face, the only thing keeping me alive is my hair. Now that I'm starting to lose it, I just want to die and be over with this horrible life.
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    What's The Point Of Living Life If You're Bald...

    I feel the same way, if i go bald. I would want to just die. Mainly because I have a small oddly shaped head and an ugly face, the only thing keeping my appearance somewhat manageable is my hair. I just cant believe that in this day and age we dont have a cure for balding.
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    Was Baldness Caused By A Gene Mutation During The Stone Age?

    I've always wondered this, how did balding come to evolve? Brain melting questions we'll never find the answer to.
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    Hair Loss Help Someone Please! (ಥ_ಥ)

    Hi I'm new to this forum and I am desperate to find a solution to my hair loss problem. I'm a thin 40 year old 6' tall person with a small oddly shaped flat backed head, so for me to lose all my hair is more devastating than for others I've seen on here. I've browsed through the forums and saw...