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    Getting Started. Salon Vs Do It All Myself Recommends

    were these custom units you are doing remote cut ins?? how does the remote cut in work for the stock unit?? because everyone's head shape n baldness will be different
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    Cleaning Lace System? C22 Oily Residue

    Is this the one you are referring to?? I have hard time using tape on the lace front will try the lace front mini you recommended
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    Finally Will Try The G2b Glued Method

    How do you guys make it work on lace?? really interested in the process, I tried on lace black tube didn;t work at all It gave me 12hr hold on a poly base system
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    Best Ways To Avoid And Treat Scalp Redness

    use scalp protector that should help
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    How Does My New System Look? Finally Got A New One!

    first 2 pics are good but the last pic is dead give away..not sure if they are diff systems but if they are same seriously consider changing the stylist
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    Pumped About My New Hair! Pictures Attached.

    This part is amazing, I still couldn't believe its a the highlighted part dyed? or you had the custom order this way with less hair?
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    Problems Joining The Forum - Can't Get A Log-in Confirmation?

    I got an "Aug 19 site update by admin" notification when I login to the our prayers might be answered soon
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    Stock Levels...and Custom Orders... Check With Your Vendor!

    checked with my vendor yesterday they raised the price by 50$ a piece for stock units 65$ for custom...that's insane
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    Which Tape Do You Use And How Long Does It Hold?

    I used super tape when I used to wear injected thin skin system easy to clean n 2 weeks hold Now moved to lace with poly sides using same super tape but on the front lace the super tape, walker tape doesn't work so using ghost bond platinum...looks like walker no shine tape is the one to use...
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    21 Year Old's Diy Hair System Journey (pics)

    wow stubble excellent results..the hair style suits u a lot since u r very young...amazing result so happy for you
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    Sunscreen For Hair It Necessary

    I saw it online olive oil and peppermint oil are highly recommended for heat resistant to hair
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    Pumped About My New Hair! Pictures Attached.

    man the frontal part is perfect...very natural...excellent results...enjoy ur new look
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    How To Get Rid Of Glue On The Frontal Hair

    Hi All, whenever I do the maintenance and reapply the glue in the front, the system hair gets stuck to the glue and gets do I remove the stickiness
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    Poster Leon - Getting A System - First Impressions, Questions, Pictures!

    That's Dope...color match n cut in blend in the back and sides everything looks amazing...great result dude..