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    Very Impressive Dermarolling And Minxodil Results - From Tressless

    is it possible to prevent "minoxidil bloat" or dark circles come from it?
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    New Topical Finasteride from Dr. Victor Hasson (SiloxysSystem)

    How exactly does their gel provide less systematic absorbation? Do Hasson & wong invest in r&d?
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    Kintor has started Phase 3 trial in China for Pyrilutamide

    Do you think this will be enough to halt the loss or we will still need finasteride?
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    Study claims success with 1mg finasteride every other month

    is there any chance to take dutasteride without any side effect if you got pretty bad sides from finasteride (1mg daily, 1mg eod, 0.5 eod nothing worked)
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    Kintor announced the phase III clinical trial of Pyrilutamide KX-826

    what's the difference between two Kintor drugs? there is another one they are working on right?
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    Bayer Prolactin Receptor Antibody For Male And Female Pattern Hair Loss

    how do we know this is going to be sides-free for humans?
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    Kintor Pharmaceuticals Furthers Baldness Treatment Drugs In Us And China

    Do you think KX826 can bring good results for people who got sides finasteride and cannot take it?
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    Poll: What skin conditions have you experienced along with your hairloss

    I am pretty sure seborrheic dermatitis does not cause hair loss but it definitely accelerates it 10x
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    Dutasteride Mesotherapy As Opposed To Oral Treatment

    Wondering if anyone tried Dutasteride (only) meso and got side effects
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    Why you're utterly fucked even if you get a cure, and why you shouldn't EVER reproduce

    so... I am 6'4, fit, my father is 60 years old and never had a major health problem (nw6) and I've been balding rapidly since age 25. where do I stand exactly?