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    Absolutely Nothing Grows Hair Except Tranny Regimen

    We do have options to stop hair loss and regrow hair. Yes, the stars have to align for hair to grow back, and it doesn’t work for everyone but there are options. But I feel your pain obviously. Big 2 + FUE made me go from balding badly, NW4-5 diffused with receding hairline, to just a guy who...
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    Follica (first Time Ever Picture) - Exciting

    It does say 85 days though. Not a full year.
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    Just Tried Regenera Activa Stem Cell Microtransplant In Uk

    How original of you to use names like baldy on a hair loss forum. You come off as a child, and your nativity is also childish. But carry on.
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    Just Tried Regenera Activa Stem Cell Microtransplant In Uk

    I have no answer for you other than you’ll learn eventually.
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    Just Tried Regenera Activa Stem Cell Microtransplant In Uk

    It’s down right horrible. Can’t believe people are falling for this shady sh*t.
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    Just Tried Regenera Activa Stem Cell Microtransplant In Uk

    I hate how in all 3 pics the head is angled differently. Like the chin is higher in the first one, lowered slightly in the second pic, and finally lowered all the way in the third to look at the top of the head more. Also, different hair lengths. Not bashing this product, just the deception...
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    Anyone Seen This Study Outperforming minoxidil?

    Everything outperforms minoxidil on paper and then never makes it to market. Literally everything. Piss probably outperforms minoxidil on paper too. I wish something actually came out that works better.
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    New Hsc Timeline Projects Release At 2024

    I doubt we’ll have hair multiplication by 2024.
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    Tissuse And J. Hewitt: Smart Hair Transplant Trial In 2019!

    You want to save and regrow as many native hairs as possible. Transplanted hairs have a fake look to it. Imagine having 100k transplanted hairs on your head and temples. Transplanted temples look the worse. Even with unlimited supply of donor hair for hair transplant’s, i’d still want to preserve as much...
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    Balding Before/after - Shaving My Head *no More Denial*

    Admins please remove this from this section.
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    Very Impressive Dermarolling And Minxodil Results - From Tressless

    Same here. It used to be the opposite when I was younger. My crown area responded well to treatments. Better than my temples and hairline. Now my temples and hairline are recovering faster than my crown. I don’t even know if my crown is recovering or thickening at all tbh.
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    Can Ru58841 Have Been Dropped For Causing Cancer?

    Who is Big Baby Miller? Is that a pro boxer? I wasn’t aware that CB was effective at all. Is there any proof for this?
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    Korean Dish "kimchi" May Reverse Hairloss

    This should be in alternative treatments or something. Def not new research, studies and technology.
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    Why Haven't We Found A Cure For Baldness - Video

    Is there any cure for any disease at all? It’s not only male pattern baldness. Maybe smallpox and what else? We haven’t cured anything otherwise. There’s advanced treatments for a lot of diseases, but no cures. We’re not that smart. Idk why some some think that scientists can just focus on...
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    Looking For Dr. Lee's Xandrox Or Its Follow-up Minoxidil Solutions

    Like you said, too early to tell. Finishing up on one bottle. I bought the no pg version of it, so no itch. I can’t say anything else about it as far as results go.