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    Kerastem Update On Phase 2 Us Trials

    Hmm, they mention dose counts and the high dose+fat, as well as just the fat transfer resulted in 0 difference. But the Low dose+Fat resulted in a significant difference. I wonder what the serbian clinic that the two or three users here did Kerastem at got, since they had 0 results.
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    Smp To Make Donor Area Look Thicker After Fue. Good Idea?

    I'd like to know this too, because I had this same concern. can't have the back of my head looking like a bees nest and I sport a fade (actually, just shave my head for the last two years but if I do FUE i'd like to go back to my normal hair styles)
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    Fue Without Taking Finasteride (five Six Seven)

    I know this has been discussed before, but I want to re-investigate. I was an awful responder to finasteride (and even nizoral), sexual problems that have resolved themselves since i've been off. Attempted twice to see if it was a psychological issue but it was not. Anyway, i'm really sick of...
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    Kerastem Uk Hair Growth Data Published (july 11 2017) I know a few users went out to Serbia for Kerastem and reported nothing. Could the location in Belgrade have been a sham, or is this study a sham?
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    Does Finasteride Raise Estrogen And Can It Be Reversed?

    I was reading something on /r/tressless earlier today and I have yet to find a thread that validates his science. I want to know what's opinion is on this, and if there is any research/studies out there. Credit goes to this OP...
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    The End Of Scars: Scientists Discovered How To Regenerate Human Skin Familiar name right? Interesting read.
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    Unofficial S5 Plus Topical Discussion And Log

    Active ingredients: 5% Spironolactone, 0.1% Adenosine, 0.05% Alfatradiol, 3.5% Tempol Swoop and others were able to build a nice custom topical for us. There was a huge thread about building the custom topical. Now let's have a discussion on the production topical, as well as logs. Fidia...
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    Italian Hair Loss Lotion To Hit The Market In 2016

    So can anyone give a status update of where the lotion stands in laymans terms?
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    What Are Your Thoughts On Scalp Massages?

    I always read about scalp massaging and stimulating blood flow but its way too much work to sit here and massage my head every day. I ran across this item on amazon and wanted to bring the topic up again -- what does everyone think about the effect of daily scalp massages to stimulate blood flow...
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    Ketoconazole Did Give Me Libido Issues.

    I started a thread a while back and I thought it was minoxidil that was giving me low libido issues, I was using lipogaine at the time and lipogaine has anti-dht chemicals in it as well. It was not in my head, I didnt last long, and I was not waking up like I used to, and I did not feel as...
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    How Do I Get A Proper, Professional Diagnosis For Receding Hairline?

    Look in the mirror. And also learn to read while you're at it. Ill cut you some slack cause youre 16 but this subforum is called "new research and technology"
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    Who Would Help Fund A Kerastem Therapy?

    Jesus. Relax people. Its been four months. The results posted on Kerastems site were after one year. No official verdict yet.
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    Stemoxydine (discussion And How To Purchase)

    You had sides from Stemoxydine? Can you elaborate on what they were? I'm hoping I don't get any from the minoxidil/stem combo. RU seems very sketchy to me, why has it not been adopted by many users?
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    Stemoxydine (discussion And How To Purchase)

    I've been reading a bit about stemoxydine but it seems like it's not so popular because you cannot purchase it in America. I'm a diffuse thinner, not doing anything to treat my hair loss at the moment. I used to take lipogaine but had bad side effects. I never took finasteride, and i'm afraid to take it...