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    @Generalsim11 how often do you use nizoral? Is it 2%?
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    Rejoice My Brothers! Norwood 3 To Norwood 2 In 3.5 Months!

    U said college made u bald?
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    2661grafts With Dr. Feriduni In Hasselt April 2018

    Great result, wowww Do u use nizoral? If so, How long after the transplant did u start using it again and at what frequency?
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    Is Hair Transplant The Only Way To Regrow Temples?

    I'd like to see pics of ur hair worse from these treatments
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    Zarazakka's Story: The Big 3 - Round 2

    You're chino from hlh? Crap I remember your posts from back in the day. Glad to hear treatments r working. Do u suffer from scalp inflammation? If so, how do u address it?
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    Got Pics Taken For A Formal, No Good Brahs

    Y did u remove the pics u glorious phaggot
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    ********'s Name Banned From This Forum?

    Probably $. I'm sure these docs have to pay this forum owner to post here. Swoop seemed to stop posting after biisangas name was censored. Btw swoop even got his hair transplant from dogonay in turkey but was representing bhr.
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    4 Year Update...i Never Expected To Get Back So Much

    Awesome regrowth. Who u going with for ur hair transplant ? Do u use any specific shampoos?
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    1 Year On The Big 3, How Am I Doing?

    Hair is looking great bro, lots of regrowth. Was Bernstein the derm u originally saw? Was his 10 year no change hypothesis based on your family history or does he believe the treatments are that strong? Do u use brand name or generic finasteride? Do u use minoxidil once or twice a day? Liquid or foam...
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    Peapoddy's Story - (25 : Just Starting Finasteride)

    So yes u got a 2nd hair transplant? How many grafts bro