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    Possible to do entire front hairline?

    If one has enough donor hair- Is it possible to retransplant the entire hairline after waiting at least 14 months using single grafts to replace double grafts that currently makes it look too 'pluggy' or has that ship sailed once the transplant has been completed?
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    washing hair 4 hours after minoxidil application

    Hmmm. Does everyone wash their hair everyday to get rid of the minoxidil? I wash mine off just twice a week and leave on the Minoxidil by applying it once a day..
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    Can't take finasteride - Should I still get FUE?

    I've asked numerous times about this but haven't gotten a clear answer. Where did you hear this? I've heard the opposite where it's ok to start to do so 18 months after a transplant...
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    How many grafts to cover this hairline?

    Closer to 3k I would say. Depends how much of your temples and hairline you'd like to cover...
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    Hair transplant failure after 8 months with a top doctor?

    All in all give it a full 18 months before you do anything..
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    Covid brutalizes hair [ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!! WARNING!!!]

    I paid attention when I happened to catch some rag celebrity news site saying Drake was supposedly in hiding since COVID had severely affected his hair and was supposedly suffering from hair loss. I happened to see his concert on prime the other day with Kanye and suffice to say he's doing...
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    2.5 weeks post op, I'm feeling worried

    I was in the same boat as you but I finally decided or should I say convinced myself there was nothing I could do except to let it play out. Follow the instruction provided by your doctor and their people and protect your head at all times (I know 10 days later the grafts have supposedly...
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    Long Hair Center (Istanbul, Turkey); Dr Ahmet Yildirim

    I somewhat agree with you. I had mine done with them back in June and wasn't happy with them regarding the process but the outcome a week shy of 6 months is looking very good so far. Fingers crossed that yours will turn out the same as well. The part that I wasn't happy with was when they...
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    Hair Transplant - 3,100 grafts at HLC

    How are things looking a month or so later?
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    Regrowth My Hair In 6 Months - Very Good Results

    I commend you on being open to try out different things but you might have to resort back to your earlier regimen for as good of a result. On a different topic- what hair transplant surgeons do locals like yourself in Turkey go to? I figure the locals know the best ones from word of mouth...
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    Any updates? Pics?
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    hair transplant Dr. Tayfun In Istanbul , 3080 Grafts 09.30.2019

    You have a few options so all is not lost. Toppik is something you can use to fill in the less dense areas and SMP is another for a longer lasting solution. As others have mentioned try different hair styles and a shorter cut which will more likely look much better. Get on the big three fast...
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    I Prevail. The End Of A Long Agonizing Road.

    Can you guys pause for a second till I can grab some more popcorn? 'Don't wanna miss anything :)
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    Minioxidil, Biotin And Nazoral Only

    How's the transplant looking? Any pictures?