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    Lyrical Hair is Selling for 400$ on Amazon

    Prices have gone up, but the actual product is worse. Less skilled workers, less likely to get a custom unit. It's hopefully something that will resolve
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    I hate to be that person.. But youtubers.

    I had half expected your response Noah! I wonder what the arrangement was myself. He says it wasn't sponsored, but aren't they expensive? I'm sort of expect he at least got a free system and treatment, but that is pure guess work. His result this time is genuinely far better. But he didn't...
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    I hate to be that person.. But youtubers.

    Jake Kent out up a new video today. Where he got a new system from Hair Club. He didn't spin around so you can't see his full blend. But the hairline is a remarkable improvement.
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    MHE delays--looking for alternative

    Personally I had an issue where Curtis blanked me immediately (still not appreciated, but it is what it is.) but I feel for all of the providers who are currently struggling and have to deal with frustrated customers and they are stuck in the middle, completely powerless.
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    Problems with current hair system supplier - poor communication on order status, not delivering when they say they will, etc. Is it time for a change?

    Hey, can you let me know what company you are talking about, what company you find in the end? Also UK based and I'd love to know. I've not placed an order in 12 months so I can't help you unfortunately.
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    Dealing with the opinions of the people around you

    I strongly believe that decent hair helps you in life. What other people may think is really determined by how good it is. People still have the view of the old school rugs. If you plan on being active I strongly recommend learning how to be self sufficient. Go to salons sure, but make sure...
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    Hair system adverts - what they tell us about the advertiser

    What am I even looking at here? Why do people think this is remotely good?
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    For you wearers both short and long term, how much thought did you give to a transplant at first?

    I wanted a transplant. And I've considered going full on with finasteride, min and needling for 18 months and going for a transplant. But there's just a risk in that approach. I don't want the risk of wrinkles from min or making my existing hair dependant on it. I take finasteride just to safeguard my bio...
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    The psychology of wearing if you live with a partner

    I met my wife just as I was looking into this. When I finally got it I just turned up to our weekend away with it. She knew it was happening and that's fine. She's never helped me with anything and she's never asked many details to be fair. I work at home, she works far longer hours. I just...
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    I hate to be that person.. But youtubers.

    You're talking about dave? I really rate his hair system! I only think he needs to get a different hairline shape, but that's just an improvement to be made over time which I need go make myself.
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    I hate to be that person.. But youtubers.

    Can I just mention one guy I've been watching? This guy has a really nice attitude. I personally think his first system is working very well for him, and his density and future plans of more gray is really good. His density works because of his dark hair, and it does need to be reduced...
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    Tangling, fading and shedding hairpieces

    I had an awful experience with a salon. They washed it so roughly it faded and stripped away something which caused my pieces to tangle quicker. If you're not doing all the maintenance then you have no idea what is truly going on.