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    Anyone Studying Oxytocin?

    This science website says that men with male pattern baldness have higher amounts of Stem Cell Factor (SCF) around the hair follicles of the beard than non-balding men. I'm not sure if that means bald men have less SCF in the scalp? It also...
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    6 months on nothing but zinc with amazing results.

    There is some research paper that's says that Zinc Gluconate can help with some types of baldness:
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    Beta Carotene can increase Macrophage production: There's also some connection between Magnesium deficiency and Macrophages...
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    A Closer Look At: Calcium & Magnesium.

    There seems to be a very strong link between Magnesium deficiency, Insulin Resistance and Male Pattern Baldness: pattern baldness-and-insulin-resistancediabetes/ "While the benefits of oral magnesium supplementation on...
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    Laser Hair Growth, does it work?

    About 15 years ago I had a 3 month course of laser treatment and minoxidil at an 'advanced hair studio', but unfortunately it didn't work. They did tell me that it looked as though the circulation to my scalp had improved and that further treatment might improve the chances of my hair growing.
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    Does zinc supplements help with hair loss?

    This study found that men with male pattern baldness had lower levels of Zinc in their blood after eating meals:
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    Gluten Free diet got rid of the Niacin Flush

    Thanks. The Vitamin D I'm taking is Vitamin D3 which is supposed to be the same as the type made by sunlight. I've also started taking a Healthy Origins Vitamin E/Tocotrienol complex after reading this: Celiac Disease and Nutrient...
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    Gluten Free diet got rid of the Niacin Flush

    Wheat or Gluten can sometimes damage the lining of the stomach and intestine which then prevents the body absorbing nutrients. Shortly after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease I was told that I had Osteopenia (a bone thinning condition) because I wan't absorbing Vitamin D. My Iron levels were...
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    Gluten Free diet got rid of the Niacin Flush

    I think over-active PD-1 receptors are somehow involved in hair loss. I know that Niacin can improve circulation to the scalp. I found a website that says it's 'structurally related' to Minoxidil:
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    Gluten Free diet got rid of the Niacin Flush

    Many years ago I tried a health supplement called Niacin (Vitamin B3) which used to give me a Niacin Flush/Rash. Then about 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and started a strict Gluten Free diet. Recently I tried taking Niacin again and was surprised to find that it didn't give...
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    Vitamin D - Good or bad?

    I've been taking 200% RDA of Vitamin D and 100% RDA of Calcium for 2 years and haven't really noticed any new hair growth, though things haven't got any worse either.
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    I used to get a Niacin Flush/Rash a lot when I was younger. I then went on a Gluten Free diet and find that I don't get a Niacin Flush anymore. The only explanation I can think of is that the Gluten Free diet might be reducing the activity of the PG1 and PDG2 receptors that are associated with...