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    Would You Rather - 200 Iq Or Nw1 Hairline For Life?

    It's time you get educated. Being socially isolated and feeling alienated by most people you meet is nothing to make fun of. I wouldn't wish this sh*t on anyone else. But thanks for being a jerk and trivializing my life experience.
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    Would You Rather - 200 Iq Or Nw1 Hairline For Life?

    I can relate. When I was a pre-pubescent kid, I quickly learned to censor myself and not use complicated words and sentences. It lasted for more than 15 years until I landed in law school. Then, noticing that intelligence was (finally) being valued, and despite having issues finding anyone to...
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    Baldness Caused Me Dysmorphia. Just Want To Offload

    You'd think baldness would drive people to introspection and help them become humbler and less judgmental individuals but I guess there is no cure for the human condition.
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    Would You Put 15 Yr Old On Dutasteride?

    Yes, it can. All 5-alpha reductase inhibitors can. cf.
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    Shutting Down Th2 Cytokines Entirely

    You could give ketoconazole (Nizoral) a try if you want. It's used for the same purpose as zinc pyrithione and supposedly also has some mild anti-androgenic properties although it has a completely different method of action. Compared to: Although if you're having good results with zinc...
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    Shutting Down Th2 Cytokines Entirely

    I hope you'll have success with your new regimen. Please keep us updated! By the way, I don't know how much useful zinc pyrithione is for you but I'd consider substituting it for something else. I haven't read anything that's convinced me that the stuff is actually beneficial for Androgenetic Alopecia. The...
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    Follica Delays Due To -planned Obsolescence-

    The thing is, even if OP were right, I still don't understand how turning what was thought to be a one-and-done procedure into a daily routine relates to "planned obsolescence"... A wrong usage of the term, maybe?
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    A Possible Idea To Prevent Finasteride Side Effects

    Finasteride can possibly lead to a depletion of protective neuroactive steroids (= depression, brain fog) and damage the pudendal nerve (= control of erection). This isn't just speculation. We've had this discussion before...
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    22 & Losing My Hair, What Type Of Hair Loss Is It?

    As others have said, get a blood test to check your thyroid and for iron deficiencies. If you want to be 100% sure, get a small biopsy done. Androgenetic Alopecia tissues exhibit unmistakable histological properties, hence being easy to recognize under a microscope.
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    Diclofenac Is Bad, Heres Proof, Debate Please...

    Arnoldd gets it. @proscar2 : If you had bothered to read the excerpt I quoted, the study mentions that a microemulsion of minoxidil, tea tree oil and diclofenac provided superior regrowth in their test subjects compared to just minoxidil and tea tree oil. Now if diclofenac is "bad", why is...
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    Diclofenac Is Bad, Heres Proof, Debate Please...

    Why and how is diclofenac bad? Related to what? The prostaglandin hypothesis? So it inhibits production of PGE2 but what about PGD2? So what? You can't just barge in here, cut 'n crap some quoted portions of a study then ask for a discussion without first providing some input or at least...
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    What The f*** Happened To Me. I Need Some Advice.

    Thanks for the link. Here's a brief review of its content. First of, it's a review of a selected sample of scientific literature - a small meta-analysis. Whether the sources he cites are credible or not is another matter. What's evident is that it is definitely not a scientific study in the...
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    What The f*** Happened To Me. I Need Some Advice.

    I'm no real expert on hair transplants (or really in anything related to hair loss to be honest) but here's my view. Density above 40cm^2 is possible but the higher you go, the more you run the risk of poor yields, be it due to shock loss, graft transsection, poor neovascularization or what...