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    Does a bald guy have anything to look forward to?

    Thanks man, today, I genuinely didn't have a good laugh until now
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    Buying Rogaine foam from Amazon is safe?

    Choose a seller with good reviews which looks trustable. You just need to trust your gut iinstinct
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    NW1 Ricecel Bobby Lee gets “BLACKPILLED” on live TV

    I agree. I used these terms too much before when I was on those incel sites. Glad I dont now. When you distance yourself from the incelsphere/lingo you see things with clarity and it makes you a better person
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    I Castrated Myself To Halt Baldness

    this guys only option for sexual pleasure is getting fucked in the *** now fs
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    1mg finasteride journey

    Dude looks don't get you anywhere if you're thinking like a nutjob
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    Stopping minoxidil after 8 month - My Strategy

    You're already at the top dude Well done though, you managed to bait me back in
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    Would you rather be given a cancer diagnosis or male pattern baldness diagnosis?

    Depends on the cancer if its survivable I'll bite the bullet
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    Botulinum Toxin Type A for reversing hair loss

    Once again things are made more difficult for balding guys. f***
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    Is it possible to mix topical minoxidil with a little bit of water to reduce irritation?

    Damn man we need more guys like this in the forum. We're a bunch of headless chickens out here
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    the day im going bald is the day i start roiding

    If I go fully bald I'm going full Harry Hill and jestermaxxing/roasting everyone
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    whats the proof that DHT directly causes hairloss, and not just through its opposition to estrogen?

    I'm directly descended from genghis Khan via a traceable royal lineage from the crimean khanate yet I am/was balding aggressively lmao Even genghis khan can't save you
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    1mg finasteride journey

    Just think of it this way dude without finasteride you might end up in a position where you don't get to use your c*** at all