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    Discovered new low pain way to dermaroll

    I find when i was using either a pen or roller i simply got used to the pain after a few passes. Just grit your teeth and get it over and done with.
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    Need advice for my treatments, im new to this

    PRP is pretty much useless anyway, i would avoid.
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    Exploring The Hormonal Route. Hair=life.

    When did you use an AI, have you recovered from it?
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    Exploring The Hormonal Route. Hair=life.

    Yes it is a powerful aromatase inhibitor, wrecked my hair. I would opt for something like ralox instead if you have gyno you want to deal with, far safer for hair.
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    Exploring The Hormonal Route. Hair=life.

    letrozole absolutely wrecked my hair the two months i was on it for.
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    WHEN wil there be a cure for hairloss

    Everyone is different and don't have the same tolerance levels as others for coping with sides from hair loss meds, im personally willing to go all the way and start estradiol if things get really bad, it is overkill right now though, another person might not even be able to handle sides from...
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    Is seeing scalp under lighting always mean diffuse?

    You are not balding
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    I have been taking finasteride for 26 days and its making my HAIRLINE worse.

    I know it is all the rage right now but i really don't like that sort of hair style, i wouldn't suit it at all, i keep my sides relatively long.
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    What Is The Best Way To Deal With Depression?

    Pregabalin is great, how much do you take?
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    What forum myths do you believe are wrong?

    Many, one that comes to my mind is that minoxidil damages your skin(collagen depletion).
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    I feel like people don't understand incels

    I don't see anything bad or shameful about a woman settling down and raising kids at home, it is absolutely vital to society. If a woman wants to choose a career instead that is fine too of course.
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    My hairloss has ruined my confidence - should I get a hair system ?

    Your hair loss doesn't really seem severe enough to warrant a hair system to be honest, i would seriously try medication before thinking about it, but up to you.
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    Where do I go from here? finasteride/dutasteride non-responder.

    Use 1.5mm for wrinkles etc you should use a smaller one for enlarged pores, like 0.5mm.
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    3 months on finasteride 1mg daily only.

    Im from the uk too, i was planning on going to my GP at some point in the future, like you my hair loss is not severe, just diffused thinning crown.....i wonder if they will laugh at me too? lol
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    Finasteride and Dutasteride used daily together?

    I think i took finasteride a little bit until it ran out but its not really necessary, doesn't take long for dutasteride to suppress serum levels the same as finasteride. You can megadose dutasteride early on to suppress levels quickly ie 2.5mg a day, but i don't really think it is necessary...