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    Energi-f701 Looks Interesting - Thoughts And Comments

    you shave your legs bro or is this a side of anti hairloss regime? nice legs btw
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    Dealing With Suicidal Thoughts As A Very Ugly Guy

    not gonna lie if youre balding so early there is little to no point in taking dht supressing my experience they dont really work in those cases just relax and if it gets to worse get a hairsystem (which is quite expensive so keep focusing in school)
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    Heavy Stubble Looks The Most Attractive To Women According To A Study what length is heavy stubble? between 5-7 mm?
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    Richard Gere 69 Becomes Father Again

    age isnt measured in years but in hairfolicles you are as old as your hairline some people stay young until 70 some people die with 25 but arent buried until 85
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    Homer Simpson Realizes That He Is Bald

    homer simpsons age in the tv show is supposed to be 33
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    Today Docs Officialy Diagnosed Me With male pattern baldness, I Feel Like Cancer Patient, Who Was Just Announced News

    in 95% of cases hairloss in men is caused by male pattern baldness i expected this
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    Subforum Census: How Many Of You Shave Your Heads Currently?

    the last time i spoke to a black person was 2012 when i ordered french fries at wendies in fort myers, florida