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    A Crazy Shedding Began Right After First Year

    AnaGain products like BAMbeautiful's scalp tonic help stop hair shedding as it prolongs the lifecycle of the hair.
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    Which Styling Product Do I Need? Help!

    The BAMbeautiful thickening styling spray is perfect. It gives hold and shine but is not greasy. you just spray it onto the roots once you are out of the shower and it will make your hair look thick and full of body.
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    Has Anyone Ever Had Hair Loss Due To Flaky Scalp?

    Sometimes a build-up of excess product or skin can cause an itchy flaky scalp that can scupper hair growth. The best thing to do would be to try and make sure you are taking care of your scalp using a scalp tonic or foam - which will help exfoliate and cleanse.
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    Balding Patch After 6-7months After Giving Birth

    Hair loss after giving birth is super normal and you should not feel bad about it. Almost half of all new mums will experience hair loss or bald patches. Just make sure you're eating well, staying hydrated and are using gentle products for a happy scalp is the most important next to looking...
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    Hair Thinning Rapidly, Help Needed Please

    We at BAMbeautiful have a styling spray that contains 94% naturally derived ingredients if you're worried about using too much hairspray every day. :)
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    How Do You Combat Hair Loss Due To Stress?

    Try not to pull your ponytail so tight, often pulling on our hair in this way be it through extreme styling or heavy extensions can cause issues like traction alopecia. Stress is also not helpful. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and are keeping hydrated. If you are looking for a natural...
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    8 yr old daughter lost a big patch of hair

    I am sorry to hear your little one is suffering. Naturally taking her to the doctor, as she is a child, is the most important thing. However sometimes hair loss can be exacerbated by stress - Perhaps she has exams coming up? While you wait for an appointment just try to keep her as calm and...
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    Has Anyone Ever Had Hair Loss Due To Flaky Scalp?

    Would you be interested in trying out some of our products? Our hero product is a scalp tonic. We could send you a few products to try and if you like it we would love to hear your feedback in the form of a review. We are called BAMbeautiful.Check us out online.
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    Has Anyone Ever Had Hair Loss Due To Flaky Scalp?

    Making sure to exfoliate the scalp with a dedicated scalp product is important for the health of our hair in general.