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    Anything better than Dutasteride by 2030?

    That's the, best-case, idea. It still remains to be seen whether that would occur, or you'd just get hairless non-scarred skin. Regardless, I'm surprised it's not really discussed on this forum besides a thread a few months back.
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    Anything better than Dutasteride by 2030?

    I'm somewhat surprised more people don't discuss Verteporfin. The most recent images released from Stanford's dermatology department in their anti-scaring tests with pigs seemed positive (and did show greater regrowth of hair follicles compared to baseline). The fact that its an FDA approved...
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    DIY PRP (clinic prepares the serum for you)

    Can you link, or point us in the right direction, for what study you're referring to?
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    Apparently Tsuji has started clinical trials

    I think it's productive to be reminded occasionally that there's a substantial amount of mental illness in this forum.
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    SMI-6 Group Buy Round 2 (PRLR Antagonist)

    I'm interested in this as well. Please dm info for joining the discord if you're still looking for participants.
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    Zarev's presentation at the Global Hair Loss Summit 2020

    If we donated would we have any say on which panels were attended. There are several restorative presentations here I would be interested in.
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    Novel Effect Of Sildenafil On Hair Growth

    It appears that finasteride and PDE-5 Inhibators work well together while still maintaining the efficacy of finasteride.,associated%20with%205%2DARI%20treatments.. Unfortuntely, I wasn't able to...
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    Fgf and Wnt signaling interaction in the mesenchymal niche regulates the murine hair cycle clock

    The same company also makes a zinc + niacinamide facial serum which i use as a market made version of zix.
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    Fgf and Wnt signaling interaction in the mesenchymal niche regulates the murine hair cycle clock

    Curious if a topical would be effective such as:
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    Fasted Microneedling Protocol (FMP)

    I think its impossible to say at the moment. The evidence regarding fasting and autophagy is murcky at best when it comes to human studies, so we're shooting in the dark regarding how much mTOR inhibition is created by 48 hour fasting compared to rapamycin. I fast for numerous reasons besides...
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    Fasted Microneedling Protocol (FMP)

    Long time lurker, first time poster: I've actually been following a protocal very close to what you outline above for the past 3 months or so. It was inspired by the very study you discussed. I have serious misgivings, however, whether a mice wounding study is applicable to humans. I've detailed...