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    when does split proscar start to loose effectiveness?

    I actually wondered about this a few months ago. I started developing a bald spot on the top of my head when I switched from 1mg to the quartered 5 mg tablets. Prior to that I was on 1 mg for 3 months and my thin spots were filling it. I don't know I think the active ingredient isn't spread...
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    Splitting 5 mg finasteride pills

    But what if 0mg ends up being in 3 quarters of the tablet and 5 mg in the last quarter? I said screw it and went back to the 1mg tabs. Got a little anxious after seeing so much hair in the tub and taking quartered pills for the past 3 months
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    Splitting 5 mg finasteride pills

    Is it evenly distributed when you quarter the pills like 1.25 mg per quarter or is there a chance that there would be 3 mg in one quarter and .25mg in another etc? I'm wondering because I asked the doctor today and he said he wasn't sure but that it should still be okay taking the quartered...
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    2 months finasteride + 2 years minoxidil + nizoral every other day

    Good stuff dude, I've also been on the big 3 almost 6 months now. Hair is a lot fuller now and not experiencing as much anxiety regarding hairloss anymore. Best decision I've made
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    My experience on The Big 3 - bfassassin

    I've now been on finasteride for officially 5 months now, minoxidil 5% 1 year 1 month, nizoral 3 months. I think I'm going through a moderate shed, the average amount of hairs in the tub has increased a bit. Hair still looking thick as hell though, really hoping I can maintain this because it just feels good...
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    Can male pattern baldness which occurs at a young age be non aggressive?

    My hair started thinning at 20. I definitely thought I'd have to shave slick bald by 22 from what I was reading on reddit and what people my age were posting on forums. I'm 25 now but before I started the big 3(5 months ago and 24) I receded only about half an inch in 4 years(still NW1 I'd say)...
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    Big 3 some regrowth (19) pics

    I'm not sure if mine completely stopped while on finasteride(4.5 months in). Still shedding like 80-170 hairs in the shower every day. Hair definitely looks fuller though. Nice regrowth!
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    My experience on The Big 3 - bfassassin

    Didn't really notice any changes; hair remained pretty much the same. Actually it was hard to notice because at the time I cut my hair down to a #3 shave so it was hard to tell if anything changed but right now with my hair the same length to pre-finasteride everything from what I've noticed has stayed...
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    My experience on The Big 3 - bfassassin

    Update: So I've been on finasteride for officially 4 months now, minoxidil 5% 1 year, nizoral 2 months. Hair definitely looks and feels alot thicker. I can actually spike my hair up now and it's alot harder to see scalp. Coworkers have been commenting how thick my hair is too, which is great! I also bought one...
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    My experience on The Big 3 - bfassassin

    Thanks guys, I don't mind applying minoxidil though. It only adds 10 mins to my day plus people said along with finasteride and nizoral it gives you the best chance for regrowth so I thought may as well.
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    My experience on The Big 3 - bfassassin

    Hey what's up guys. I'm a 25 year old guy and thought I'd share my story. It all started when I was about to turn 21. I noticed that I had some minitiaurized hairs at my hairline and I thought to myself that can't be right because everyone in my family line except for my grandfather on my dad's...