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    Hair Regrowth with Cannabidiol (CBD) - rich Hemp Extract – A Case Series (2021)

    Lanolin is a source of vitamin D3, vitamin D3 is probably very good for hair.
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    3alpha-hydroxysteroid reductase and hair loss - a theory from Tressless

    Man, this will be the reason why smokers are so much balder than non-smokers, and why my hairloss, I have been chewing tobacco, has been worse lately. The results suggest that nicotine and cotinine are competitive inhibitors of the HSD, an important enzyme involved in the metabolism of DHT and...
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    PDRN, an unknown powerhouse for androgenic alopecia

    Dude, don't derail the thread. We are talking about Polydeoxyribonucleotide here; I care not about your breast and your delusional sh*t about being attractive.
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    HIF-1α Stimulators Function Equally to Leading Hair Loss Agents in Enhancing Dermal Papilla Growth

    Noopept is a very cheap inductor of HIF-1.
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    Malocclusion and Hair Loss: An Intimate Relationship (2019)

    I have always thought about this relationship.
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    Korean Dish "kimchi" May Reverse Hairloss

    The study is here: 6-Gingerol (>95% purity; Sigma Chemical Co., St. Louis, MO) was dissolved in dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO; Solarbio Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing, China). DPCs (3 × 104 cells/well) were seeded into 96-well plates...
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    Korean Dish "kimchi" May Reverse Hairloss

    I am sure that there is a correlation between intestinal health and hair. But I am not sure that every spicy food at every quantity is adverse to intestinal health. In fact, I think that research shows the opposite. Gut Microbiota Mediates the Protective Effects of Dietary Capsaicin against...
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    Korean Dish "kimchi" May Reverse Hairloss

    I lost quite a bit of hair very young due to a medical treatment. I am not bald, but every male -and some females- in my family is. I am just trying to conserve and improve my hair, but I am NW2 at worst. I think that exercise and a good diet are helping. I am almost 30 now and people compliment...
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    Korean Dish "kimchi" May Reverse Hairloss

    I take spicy foods every single day of my life and I have the best hair of any male in my family, in which no one else likes spicy food.
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    Suicidality and Psychological Adverse Events Tied to Finasteride

    Man, I don't get the scare some people have about cigarettes. My uncle smoked a package a day and died at 90. Tobacco companies claim that it is really healthy and safe to smoke at least a couple of cigarettes a day.
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    Ectodysplasin-a2 Induces Dickkopf 1 Expression In Human Balding Dermal Papilla Cells Overexpressing

    Metabolites of vitamin C and vitamin D inhibit dickkopf1. L-ascorbic acid 2-phosphate represses the dihydrotestosterone-induced dickkopf-1 expression in human balding dermal papilla cells Changes in Dickkopf-1 (DKK1) and Sclerostin following a Loading...
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    Corona Virus Promotes Hair Growth Of 'dead' Hair Folicules As Side Effect

    I laughed at this. Well done. Now I am going to report you.
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    Based On This Clinical Study There Is A Preliminary Treatment Until The Completion Of Clinical Trial

    If I remember right, lactate production goes up very significantly during ketosis. This will back up the assertion that I have postulated here many times, balding is part of metabolic disease.