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    Hey bro... Actually I need ur advice... I was using 4mg estradiol valerate and 5mg min (drinking topical) I had good results... Then I dropped estrogen... After 2months i started experiencing shedding... I'm still shedding thick hairs... Though I've restarted estrogen since a month.. Do u think it's minoxidil shed Or from stopping estrogen?
    hi there, not sure how active you are on the forums anymore but I wanted to get some feedback on the regiment I'm starting next week,

    spironolactone 100mg (on it now for about a week)
    Estridodal (17 beta sublingual 3 mg)(starting next week)
    oral minoxidil 5mg (currenly on for a motnh)
    finasteride 1 mg ( started about 2 months ago)(am contemplating on 0.5 dutas so I don't lose time with hair)
    hey man, not sure if you use this forum anymore but I have a question about drinking liquid minoxidil: Do you drink it with or without water, and do you think that it matters?
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    I drizzle 25ml on the back of my tongue daily. You don't want to dilute it in case that diminishes the viability of the liver pass. The liver pass is what makes it work so much better. I almost use the term "drinking minoxidil" as a slogan to get people interested since drizzling one's back of the tongue seems less outrageous.
    Hi, man. Sorry to bother you but of all members within the forum I really feel my case is similar that yours regarding finateride. Did Finateride ever worked? I mean, did you regain what Finasteride itself made you lose?
    It did not I'm afraid. Some people's follicles are sensitive (or more so) to testosterone. I think I fall into that category. Anti androgens and oral minoxidil helped me but I wouldn't recommend the treatment to anyone without proper research into those drugs.
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    Why did you get banned? :p
    I said castration was a good and effective hair loss treatment. It certainly is effective but its definitely not a good solution. I was drunk when I posted that and I was quite rightly banned.
    A 20 year old guy dealing with hairloss since i was 14. 8 months on finasteride ( made me worse off) tried oral spironolactone now im on oral minoxidil
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    Did the finastride not work then
    Nope, but since being off it things have got alot worse even faster so I'm thinking my AR receptors were up regulated :( I pretty much have no choice but to get back on it, however I will be adding in other treatments in hopes of counteracting whatever the f*** finasteride done to me.
    A 19 almost 20 guy dealing with hairloss since aged 14, started finasteride ( making things worse ) nizoral, S5 cream and dermarolling
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