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    what hair cut is best for diffuse thinning??????????????//

    if your hairline is in tact, and you have a good shaped head, go for a 0 or 1 grade.
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    Wound healing

    This is a question for anyone who has had a strip surgery. How long after surgery were you still using Neosporin on the donor area? Did you switch to Cortisone cream or Aloe Vera at some point? Any other tips for good wound care? I am two weeks post op and still using the Neosporin twice a...
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    1 Month Post Op Strip Scar Question (see pics)

    Thanks Carl. Yeah I am on Day 13...and the scar actually looks really good and thin, but really red. I look goofy because the sides and back of my head are at around a 5 grade, and the top of my head is buzzed. I have 2 more weeks off works and am on MSM, hoping and praying to get enough...
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    1 Month Post Op Strip Scar Question (see pics)

    Bumping this...I just had a strip long did it take to regrow in the donor region?
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    2 weeks post-op...they say 'heavy lifting is OK'...really?

    I am day on 13 post op of ~2400 grafts FUT...just got my sutures out this morning. the scar looks great, but it still feels extremely sensitive, like if my lifted weights at all my head will split open. maybe i am just being overly cautious and paranoid, but did anyone really start doing...
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    I just had my first hair transplant last week. 2400 grafts FUT in the frontal quarter and mid scalp area. I will eventually want to go back and get the crown filled in. I have a good amount of body hair so I was thinking about using this. In your research, is BHT hair as successful as scalp hair? Also...
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    Thinking about a hair transplant!

    If you go for it, shave your head, it gives your doctor the best odds for success. Deal with the short term buzz cut for the long term success.
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    Where has all the Nizoral gone?

    Every store I go to has stopped selling it it seems. Has something happened with the company that I am not aware of? What is the best alternative to nizoral. What the hell.
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    Post Op Hat wearing

    I had my FUT on thursday and have been holed up in my hotel since then. I bought a ton of groceries and have caught up on work emails and netflix. Been kind of relaxing actually. I get the staples out tomorrow and then the sutures out next week. It's such a tease right now. The top of my...
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    Post Op Hat wearing

    Hello all I am getting my first hair transplant in 1 month (Dec 6). I plan to hide out for about a week, but after that, can you wear loser hats to cover your head? Does this affect the surgery results? It is a few weeks before Christmas so I was assuming I would be wearing a hat when I see my family...
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    hair transplant Questions to the Doctor

    Hello all, I've been researching hair transplants for a while, but I feel the need to speak live with a surgeon. I am going to meet with a doctor in the next few weeks to feel out the process. I have my own questions, but I thought I would reach out to the forum and ask you what questions you...
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    Gordon Ramsey Transplant

    30K pounds...WOW...i bet it is great work...
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    Being told you look old...

    I shaved my head once and everyone at work said I looked like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia and joked around. I laughed it off, but man, who wants to be told they look like someone with AIDS.