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    Hormonal Control Of Androgen Receptor Function Through Sirt1

    Found more info re: SIRT1
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    Functional Complexity Of Hair Follicle Stem Cell Niche And Therapeutic Targeting Niche Dysfunction

    Abstract Stem cell activity is subject to non-cell-autonomous regulation from the local microenvironment, or niche. In adaption to varying physiological conditions and the ever-changing external environment, the stem cell niche has evolved with multifunctionality that enables stem cells to...
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    Diclofenac Now Available Over The Counter

    But patents don't imply that they actually tested those things, do they? I would think that published research does. But, I'm not sure that everything listed in the patents had been tested. I mean for instance, you can patent the design of a device that never existed, or a method of doing...
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    Preventing Any Cancer(prostate Or Other) Risks From Propecia Or Finasteride!

    Prostate cancer is pretty common at that age. Most men that make it to their eighties will have it. And they most likely will die from other causes.
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    Diclofenac Now Available Over The Counter

    In case you ever wanted to give this a go. There was a study a while back about combining this with minoxidil for a synergistic effect.
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    Hypoxia And Collagen Cause Hair Loss?

    Confusing because it's a hypothesis. In other words, an unproven theory
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    finasteride For 10 Years...the End Is Starting.

    Find a dermatologist that lists hair loss as one of their services. You may need to increase your dose. Finasteride blocks the action of enzyme 5-alpha-reductase--DHT. The 5AR--DHT happens to cause BPH in older guys. The dose recommendation for finasteride is higher for BPH than for hair loss...
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    Follica (first Time Ever Picture) - Exciting

    You're a medical doctor? Where is your practice located? Maybe some forum users can visit your practice for prescriptions and consultation
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    New Study: Finasteride Reduces The Response To Both Stressful And Rewarding Stimuli.

    Full text here if you're interested
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    Follica (first Time Ever Picture) - Exciting

    From the 2018 annual report. This gives a clue as to a two prong approach to development for Follica.
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    Follica (first Time Ever Picture) - Exciting

    That threw me off at first, but I think the hair length is obscuring the neck.
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    Follica (first Time Ever Picture) - Exciting

    I don't think that it is just minoxidil. It is a different formulation.
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    Follica (first Time Ever Picture) - Exciting

    Look at my post. The quoted shows the slide that my image was wanted from. The trichogram is relative to skin disturbance only. Not sure what other info you want. If you can, clarify