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  1. ljhsapphire0604
    ljhsapphire0604 CrownBalding
    Hi,boy,I think we are in the same boat,I am 24 now,and i experience a fast hair loss from 5months ago, and i have taken fina for 2 months, I think my hairs are getting worse and worse ,especially the crown, i also dont know what should i do now
  2. GreyEye
    GreyEye bl2300
    Hi! I seem to have the same problem: hair loss above left ear. Did you find the reason and solution? Thanks.
  3. LongWayHome
    LongWayHome Oppenheimer
    Hey man, I just "discovered" this whole thing about Sanadalore, and was wondering how much ml's of Sandalore you use every application, with how much ml's of oils/vanicream?

    Thanks in advance!
  4. ScientificAmerican
  5. jared garnith
    jared garnith bryan2003
    hey are you still using cb0301?
  6. DeeV
    DeeV Bart20
    Bart can you PM me pls and give me update on your condition.
  7. vipb
    I am a bald female; I recently decided to shave my head bald and keep it bald. I am currently using the 1.5 derma roller.
  8. Hobbit44
    Hobbit44 baldco
    Hey, just wondering about joint problems with finasteride. I've been on it for years and went to twice a day when I noticed the half-life was only 8 hours. Think I'm going to decrease to once a day again, since studies seem to show benefit at this dose interval. Why did you increase dose?
  9. AppearedElf
    AppearedElf Dave16
    Hey Dave, How did the Ashley & Martin Fintab work out for you? I'm thinking of getting some myself.


  10. gabrielle30
  11. Nicholas Tamayo
    Nicholas Tamayo
    Receding hairline
  12. Nicholas Tamayo
    Nicholas Tamayo
    Receding hairline
  13. RegrowthPlease
    RegrowthPlease Saulus
    Yo, any updates with your peppermint oil + microneedling experiment? Improvements? I was gonna try the exact same thing but with a carrier oil instead of water. But did a search on Google and seemed nobody got anything out of it.
  14. Filipino
    I'm from PHILIPPINES
  15. Anto
    Hair thin ?
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  16. munt
    munt Noah
    Hi Noah

    i have sent you a email hope your ok munt
  17. Andrew Sheridan
    Andrew Sheridan Dwaino
    Can any 1 tell me if they have used transe , Mcan , esthe or dr cinik for FUE Hair Transplant
  18. Worried man
    Worried man
    How do I post pics?
  19. Badbald
    Badbald FinePhotograph
    Yeah buddy If you have the study that would be great ill have a read over
  20. Apocan tahtaci
    Apocan tahtaci
    Am i thinning in The Crown area or just paranoiad