Zarev - March 2021 Consultation and December 2021 Operation


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Here are my 10 month photos. I think the hairline result is pretty much final, but the crown is still slow to come in. I still feel a good number of shorter hairs and even prickly hairs that have barely penetrated through the scalp in the crown area. I think it will take several more months before the result is final, which honestly surprises me.

I plan to get the hairline touched up a bit during my next transplant (not sure when that will be…). I think the right side looks freaking mint and and on the left side I would touch up a few spots. Overall happy with the result and being patient with the slow progress in the crown.

It’s weird to look back at the pre-op photos because my brain doesn’t remember my hair being that bad but pics don’t lie. Best money I’ve ever spent that’s for sure.

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think the crown looks great. That looks brillant. Zarev seems like he gets 100% growth