Wounding: A blast from the past to curb your enthusiasm


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Costsarelis is back writing about wounds in a couple of recently published papers. He are some of the earth shattering findings after 15 years of wait:

"Because a variety of factors, including environmental variables and choice of mouse strains, can affect the outcomes of a WIHN study, the purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the experimental variables that impact WIHN so that experiments between laboratories can be compared in a meaningful manner."
Read: Let's improve our mice models.

In another article:

The origin of the stem cells that give rise to a nascent hair follicle after wounding and the role of mesenchymal cells and signaling pathways responsible for this regenerative phenomenon are slowly being elucidated.

If someone has access to the latter please let me know.


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Costsarelis trying to maintain credibility by publishing another "more research needed article"?