Worried About My Natural Hair Density


Hey people,

I'm going for a consultation for my first hair system in two weeks but am a bit worried if it would look natural with my current natural hair density. I am naturally thin on the sides and have a weird forehead.

Does anyone have any sort of similar experience? I don't want it to look false or strange. I was thinking of having a style with the sides shaved short and length from the piece on top to fall over the sides.



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Hi Pferr

I think that would be a good style for you, and very much in fashion. In my experience having thin sides is not a problem provided you keep them cropped short - it just looks like a style choice. The problem is if you lose your temple points - then the piece can look unbalanced and fake. But you are very lucky in that respect - your temple points are totally intact, and haven't suffered any recession at all. I think you will get a great result from a system.

Good luck with the consultation.



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My current style does just that... the sides are shaved very short, and the cut covers the edges and hairline.

You can also go for a French crop that keeps the hairline covered, and the back and sides short.

My current cut: (less poofy, now).


French crop:

There are many ways to do this cut.