Working out = hair loss?


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So, in this theory, guys that lift heavy stuff for a living (let's say : movers) will lose their hair faster (when prone to AA) than someone sitting at a desk all day ?

Article from 2008 to support the correlation between weight lifting and hairloss (srsly: I wouldn't even call it 'research' ... just a statement by some practice specializing in hair transplants:
This is a reaction published in Medical News Today (in 2010) on the article from 2008:

This is ****ing ridiculous.. They link Baldness to everything nowadays.. I heard them all.. from masturbation to heavy lifting LOL

Baldness is linked to local micro-inflammation. **** has nothing to do with lifting weight at the gym. Scientist my ***. God, this is beyond stupid.



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Jay Cutler has no DHT-sensitive follicles (not genetically predisposed), so that doesn't say anything.


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I don't know if excessive working out can cause hair loss, but I have heard that sudden weight loss contributes to hair loss.


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@squeegee : I'm with you all the way ... that's why I asked the question (sarcastically) and then pasted some research to kill the bull**** for once and for all

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@Koga , I agree that Cutler has no dht sensitive follicles , but did you read the study from 2010 I posted stating "While nutrition has been linked to balding, according to Medical News Today, there is little evidence to prove that lifting weights generates enough testosterone to be responsible for hair loss."