Will Gluing A Hair System On My Head Damage My Existing Hair Follicles?


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I'm a bit receded and I'm thinking of goofing around a bit, traveling somewhere, trying on a full hair piece with a low, aggressive hairline, just to see what I would've looked like.

I've got quite a bit of hair left up top and I wouldn't want to damage the hair follicles. So - does gluing/removing a hairpiece on a shaved head damage the natural, existing hair follicles?


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In my experience using the water-based glues that give a 7-14 day bond does not harm your hair follicles, provided you are careful to release the bond with alcohol before removing the system. Pulling the system off without releasing it will damage the follicles, by traction alopecia. I have a residual tuft of hair near the front of my system which gets buzzed down and covered in glue every week, but is still growing just as strongly after 6+ years.