What is least expensive hair transplant for small thinning crown area?


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I need the 'entry level / least number of

I have a very strange crown thinning pattern. My hairline is a Norwood 3 and I'm fine with that. It's the thinning crown that bothers me. I'm on minoxidil and topical finasteride at 0.7mgs per day. My crown thinning is NOT spreading but I want to thicken it with a transplant. Strangely enough it goes through thickening and thinning cycles....the pics are a thinning cycle and sometimes it's thicker ( sounds strange but it's observed and confirmed by objective non bias eyes)

What does an FUE transplant start at? I'm in Canada. Maybe 1000 follicles?

What is cost? I can


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When did you first notice this? Was the crown always like this? The fact that it is not spreading is a good sign.

How long have you been using minoxidl and finasteride? In your situation, you are better off continuing with that regiment. Consider adding ketoconazole and microneedling for possible regrowth. A transplant would not be the right solution in this situation IMO. The crown is the area where hair appears thinner for virtually everyone, because it is the spot where the hairs, like a spiral, go off in all directions.


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