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What Is It Like, On A Day To Day Basis? How Does It "feel"?

Discussion in 'Hair Replacement Systems and Hair Pieces for Men' started by BaldBearded, Mar 1, 2018.

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    I am still, patiently waiting to get my first hair system. It's going to be at least another two months before it is ready for me to go and get the initial attachment and cut in.

    I am very excited, and a bit nervous.

    The idea of how it will feel, emotionally, I guess is a VERY individual thing. For some of you, you are transitioning to a system early on. I would imagine that entails a lot of anxiety about if people will notice, and what they will think. I also believe, that for you folks, the idea of being "discovered" is particularly intense. Then there are folks like myself. Shaved/Bald for years (decades), and decide that they want hair. That's a different road. In my case, I have been quietly telling folks, in my country, people don't react well to things like this. If I just step off the plane with a long, grey mane, I would probably be ridiculed. I am readying myself for some of that, despite the very positive feedback and support from people.

    What I am very interested in knowing, from you wearers (specifically those who are using lace with an all-adhesive bond) is what it feels like, on your head? Do you feel like it's hair? If you tug on it? I have read some discussions about having sex with it, and have been told, hand's off the hair!

    When I had my own, long, hair I would play with it, at times. I know that you need to be careful of the knows. I am going to avoid too much blow-drying, over-brushing, etc.

    I see that a lot of guys are using tons of product to keep every single hair in place, while personally, I prefer a style that, for on a daily basis, I can wash, fluff, finger comb (or put back in a man bun), and go.

    Would love to hear your feedback and insights.


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