What Is Happening On My Head? Cysts, Bumps, Acne And Hair Thinning


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friends, I need your help. I noticed a few days ago some bumps on my scalp that are painful and general itching. I’m also experiencing increased shedding and hair loss at hairline and throughout. Dermatologist ran a bunch of tests and I have a positive ANA (antinuclear antibodies) with 1:320 titer and speckled pattern. She says it’s inflammation and referred me to a rheumatologist. They put me on Plaquinil and said it may be UCTD (unconnected tissue disease).

The bumps are new and I am worried. I took a photo of one but the others I can’t get a good photo of them. I’d say I have 5 sore bumps and a general sore/achy feeling near base of neck/back of head. Is this folliculitis or something else? Based on the hair loss do you think if inflammation subsides the hair will grow back?

I also have PCOS and am on birth control and spironolactone but no real changes experienced yet.

Please help! Including a photo for reference of one of the more defined bumps and hair loss


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